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5 November 2020

AUKEY discount: Buy chargers with up to 42 watts cheaper

AUKEY offers four chargers for USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and Co. at a lower price. For the discount at Amazon you need the following voucher codes. You can buy cheaper USB chargers for the regular socket [...]
20 March 2017
Equinux tizi petrol station Eco USB power supply, USB charger, 4 USB connections for the Schuko socket, black

tizi petrol station Eco: New 4-way USB power supply unit with 2,4A and USB ports on the front

The tizi petrol station Eco is the once again revised version of a very practical USB power supply unit, with which you can charge up to four devices such as iPhone, iPad and so on at one socket at the same time. The tizi petrol station [...]
16 March 2017
Multiple socket, USB connection as USB charger Schukodose distributor PowerCube

PowerCube multiple socket with USB charger (2 USB ports)

When looking for a handy distributor for the socket, which conveniently has USB connections on board, the PowerCube could be a solution as a compact multiple socket. The small cube with four Schuko sockets and two USB ports can [...]
18 December 2016
tizi petrol station in a new design - the new model at the end of 2016

tizi petrol station revised: now with 2,4 A charging current and also available as a "mini"

I have owned the tizi petrol station for a few weeks - a small test report will come soon. Now tizi has optimized the successful model even further and also offers 2,4 amps of charging current, the corresponding devices [...]
13 October 2014
M2E Power USB charger

Charge the battery through movement - new technology is just around the corner

“Never again an empty battery!”, That is certainly the wish of many smartphone users. Nowadays there is hardly anyone who is not equipped with a cell phone, tablet, MP3 player or navigation device. Often one hears for the reason [...]
15 April 2014

Anker USB charger "Smartport" and vouchers from Anker and tizi

Anyone who travels with a smartphone, tablet, camera, etc. over the Easter holidays knows the problem: countless batteries are waiting to be stowed in the much too small pockets. Hardly arrived at the dear relatives, [...]