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25 June 2022
Multi USB charging cable photo

3-in-1 multi-USB charging cable with USB-C, Lightning and Micro-USB - my pick of week 13

Don't be surprised, we're well past week 13, but I have to fill the list little by little and I'm a bit behind at the moment. That's why this is only the pick of the week of week 13. [...]
19 December 2018
The tizi tank nozzle is a charging cable for Braun shavers and epilators (photos: Sir Apfelot).

In the test: tizi tank trunk - USB charging cable for Braun electric shavers and epilators

Today a parcel from Equinux arrived with a small adapter cable with the cute name "tizi tank trunk". In detail, this is a charging cable with a USB connection, which has a plug on the other side, [...]