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27. January 2017
USB microphone, USB microphone, microphone with USB connection, record podcast, YouTube, vocals, instruments, guitar

USB microphone: plug in and record with the right mic

A USB microphone offers the fastest and easiest way to record audio, speech or vocals - simply plug and play via the USB port of the Mac, MacBook, PC or laptop. But which microphones are suitable for what? [...]
21. September 2014
Røde Podcaster and BeyerDynamic headphones

Sell ​​used USB microphones and headphones in a set for podcasters

Today something on my own behalf ... I would like to sell a used set consisting of a USB microphone, studio headphones, microphone holder and microphone spider. I bought the set about a year ago because one of my customers [...]
22. August 2013
Instructions Rode Podcaster

What is the best way to speak into the USB micro Røde Podcaster?

The USB microphone from Røde called "Podcaster" is a good and inexpensive variant for podcasters, bloggers and people who want to dub some videos for YouTube or similar without much effort. I have the microphone [...]
4. January 2013
Rode Podcaster

Microphone recommendation for podcast makers: The Rode Podcaster Pro Kit

Podcasting is fun and I admit that I enjoy listening to podcasts. However, the listener is not very happy if the recording is of poor quality. I've already given up a number of podcasts and the subscription [...]