USB Type C

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15. November 2021

Cable and adapter: Micro-USB to USB-C

There are various solutions for converting devices and cables from micro USB to USB type C. For example, if you want to use a USB-C port on the charger to charge a device with a micro-USB connector, then an adapter is worthwhile. [...]
3. October 2019
USB Type C to Micro USB Type B connection cable

Connection of an external hard drive with USB-A connector to USB-C port

You probably know this: You want to connect an external hard drive to a Mac with USB-C sockets, but the plug does not fit into the socket because the hard drives usually only come with a connection cable for a [...]
21th of June 2019
Photo of the Anker PowerPort III mini

In the test: Anker USB-C charger PowerPort III mini with PowerIQ 3.0

The new USB Type-C power supply from Anker has just hit the market and has been available here at Amazon since today. The manufacturer had provided me with a sample for testing in advance. I have it with [...]