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6 JULY 2020

New anchor vacuum robots: eufy RoboVac G30 and eufy RoboVac G30 Edge

With the eufy RoboVac G30 and the eufy RoboVac G30 Edge, Anker is now also selling its latest vacuum cleaner robots in Germany. Both models use the same technology, such as the so-called "flow sensor", which [...]
30. March 2020

Help with spring cleaning: 20% discount on eufy vacuum robots from Anker

The electronics manufacturer Anker carried out a survey on the subject of “spring cleaning” and thus determined which aids customers want most. In addition to cleaning agents, stick vacuum cleaners and mops, the good old vacuum cleaner robot was also among the [...]
17. February 2020

Overview: the suction power of current vacuum robots in comparison

Vacuum cleaner robots, or vacuum robots for short, have been enjoying great popularity for several years. Here in the blog you can find the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Test since 2017 and the Roborock Sweep One S2018 since 50. But then like [...]
4. November 2019

eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid - 2-in-1 vacuum robot with wiping function and Smart Dynamic ™

The eufy RoboVac G10 Hybrid is a new robot vacuum introduced today with a wiping function and smart dynamic technology. The price of the vacuum cleaner robot with 2.000 Pa suction power is € 269,99. However, you can still meet up until Sunday, [...]
4. September 2019

Tesvor T8 - New vacuum and floor mopping robot with remote control and app

There is a new vacuum cleaner robot from the manufacturer Tesvor: the T8. The Tesvor T8 combines smart navigation with a lightweight design and a running time of up to 100 minutes. In addition to the 1.800 Pa suction force, there are two side brushes [...]
5. March 2019

Robot vacuum cleaner test winner: The best at Stiftung Warentest 03/2019

The results of a vacuum cleaner robot test series were published in the current test magazine of Stiftung Warentest. As part of this, the best vacuum robots were selected and graded in various categories such as cleaning, navigation and handling. The top grade on place [...]
10. September 2018

Cheap vacuum cleaner robots from GearBest EU warehouse (short message)

Again there are deals in the field of vacuum cleaner robots at GearBest. While the Treasure Hunt Sale is currently still running, the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum and its successor, the Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, [...]
23. August 2018
GearBest promotion at the end of August 2018: cheap vacuum cleaners (robots)

Buy vacuum cleaners and robots cheaper - vacuum robot deals at GearBest

GearBest is currently offering a total of four different vacuum cleaners and robots with discounts of up to 30%. Among them are the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum (here in the test) and also the Roborock S50 with wiping function (test report here). In addition [...]
15. August 2018

GearBest Deal until August 21.08: Roborock S50 vacuum cleaner robot for only 383,02 EUR

In addition to the GearBest deal for the Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner, the Chinese mail order company also has an offer for the further developed vacuum cleaner robot with wiping function: the second generation of the Roborock S50. You can still see this [...]
15. August 2018

GearBest Deal until September 14.09th: Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner for only 261,15 EUR (EU warehouse)

Until September 14, 2018 GearBest is offering the original Xiaomi Mi robot vacuum cleaner in the EU version and with shipping from the EU warehouse cheaper. The price including discount amounts to an attractive 261,15 euros. However, there are [...]