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13. January 2022

Apple iMovie - Everything about the latest version of the video editing app

iMovie is a free video editing program provided by Apple. The app can be used on macOS as well as iOS and iPadOS to merge videos, photos, digitally created graphics and audio. Farther […]
20 December 2021

Final Cut Pro Requirements, Features, Free Version, and More

Final Cut Pro for the Apple Mac is a program for professional video editing. The software is available in the Mac App Store and, if desired, as a pre-installed program when purchasing a new Apple computer. In this […]
18th of June 2021

iMovie 10.2.4 - Importing iOS projects and more stability

If you take a look at iMovie or, better still, the App Store on your Apple Mac, you will see there that the app for video editing can be updated. After installing the update you will then have [...]
11. November 2020

In the test: Movavi Fastreel online video editing in the web browser

Movavi Fastreel is an online video editor that you can use directly in your web browser. The advantage is that you don't have to install any software on your computer. In addition, no computing power from the CPU or graphics card is required to [...]
30. October 2020

Clips 3.0 - Apple video app gets the most extensive update

Apple's Clips app, which can be used to create and edit videos on iOS and iPadOS, has received its most extensive update to date. Clips 3.0 should now allow video creation for the sharing of filmed content [...]
12. September 2019

For beginners: Filmora 9 video editing program for the Mac

As you know, every now and then I test video editor apps that can be used to transform videos, images and audio files into cinematic works. This time I looked at a video editing program for beginners: Filmora 9 by [...]
17. January 2019

Replace Youtube video with a new one - the best way

If a video is out of date, incorrectly edited or otherwise in need of revision, it can be deleted from pretty much any platform. But could you, for example, replace a YouTube video with a new one? The […]
11. May 2017

Palette Gear: modular alternative to Loupedeck for Lightroom, Photoshop and Co.

Palette Gear is a modular mixer for Adobe programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop as well as for Final Cut Pro X and Capture One Pro. Due to the structure in the form of modules and the connectivity with many different [...]