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14 December 2021

What is an Easter Egg?

The English term "Easter Egg" can easily be translated literally as an Easter egg. But when it comes to software, and especially video games, the term has a completely different meaning. Because with an Easter Egg [...]
2. November 2021

This is what you should look out for with a computer game monitor

A monitor for computer games can be selected according to various criteria - size, connections, Hertz number, special functions for certain graphics cards and the like. In addition, the screen can be selected based on the preferred games or the preferred genre. [...]
2 December 2020

Gaming gift ideas for Christmas 2020

Gaming can be an extensive hobby. As a gamer, you are happy when a collector's item, game, device or accessory is added to your collection as a gift. Yesterday I already met you [...]
April 28, 2020

RECARO - gaming chairs for ergonomic sitting while gaming (sponsor)

When sitting at the computer for a long time, whether for work in the home office or for video games, an ergonomic piece of furniture should be chosen. The RECARO gaming chairs, for example, have been specially developed for gamers and are more than [...]
19. March 2020

PlayStation 5 - Sony reveals technical data (+ comparison to PS4)

Sony announced the technical data of the PlayStation 5 at a very technical and rather boring press conference yesterday. The event aimed primarily at developers and technology freaks, which can be seen from 17:00 p.m. in Central European [...]
6. January 2020

PlayStation 5 - Rumors, Specs, Price and Announcements

The PlayStation 5 from Sony is announced for 2020, should have a peculiar design and enable even more complex games with the latest hardware and fast SSD hard drives. The game console of the 9th generation competes with the [...]
18 December 2019

Turtle Beach Headsets - gaming headphones with a microphone

Turtle Beach is a supplier of input devices, spare parts and headsets. The provider's range is aimed at both gaming PCs and consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch. To the partners and ambassadors of Turtle [...]
9 December 2019

Bitmap Books - books for game nerds

Are you still looking for the right book on video games and consoles that is high quality and informative at the same time? Do you still need a present for Christmas or your friend's birthday? Then [...]
21. November 2019

Joystick Mapper: Use USB and Bluetooth controllers on the Mac

To use an Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch controller on a Mac, you usually need an additional driver or a compatible game client such as "Steam". Or the joystick mapper. For gamepads of the Microsoft and Sony consoles [...]
2. August 2019

Universal driver USB overdrive for mice, trackballs, trackpads and joysticks on the Mac

A macOS driver is available free of charge under the name USB Overdrive, which not only supports mouse and keyboard, but also other input devices such as trackball, trackpad, joystick and co. The only important thing is that the peripherals have [...]