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22 September 2020

Try Spatial Audio / 3D Audio with the AirPods Pro: Here's how!

How can I activate the new 3D audio feature? How can I try it out? Which apps and videos does it work with? I will answer these and other questions for you at this point. At the beginning I show [...]
17 April 2020
Rotate video on iPhone

Question: Can you rotate videos in the Photos app?

Today there is an answer to a question that I asked myself yesterday: Can you shoot a video in the Photos app that you accidentally took in portrait format? The history […]
13 February 2018

DJI Mavic Air Raw Footage: Videos from the 4K camera drone

When deciding for or against the DJI Mavic Air 4K camera drone, the stabilization of the copter in the air, the 3-axis gimbal for image stabilization, the flight modes for cinematic recordings and the operation via [...]
1 September 2017
8mm vintage camera icon of the app

8mm Vintage Camera: Retro video app becomes Apple's free app of the week

This week Apple is offering "8mm Vintage Camera", a free app of the week for amateur filmmakers - although you can even export 4K video, which is more for the professionals among us. The […]
26 February 2016
Videos with iPhone and iPad

Filming videos with iPhone and iPad: Stiftung Warentest recommends software and equipment

The authors of Stiftung Warentest have published a brochure (or it will appear on March 15, 2016) that informs consumers about which software and which accessories are suitable when watching videos with the iPhone or iPad [...]
14 April 2014
iPad as a cutting board

Grandpa takes iPad as a cutting board - the video

Since I keep sending the video to friends and acquaintances who are considering diving into the world of electronics again in later years, I would like to link this again here. On the one hand, because it [...]