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19 April 2022

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is malware that can spread and multiply independently via host programs. This is why the name "virus" was chosen for this type of malware, because the biological counterpart also works in the same way. There are […]
5 August 2019

GermanWiper - Windows ransomware attacking businesses

There is a current danger behind the name GermanWiper, which affects companies in Germany in particular. "GermanWiper" is a particularly perfidious ransomware; malware that actually encrypts the data on the hard drive in order to [...]
12 February 2019

Why you shouldn't install antivirus software on your Mac

Antivirus software on the Mac or anti-malware apps on macOS are not required. In this post I would like to show you why this is the case and how I have been using Apple computers for over 20 years without me [...]
15 January 2019

Emotet - BSI warning against malware (also for Mac computers)

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is currently providing information on the subject of "Emotet" on its citizens' website. This is malware that gets onto the computer via email. The procedure is particularly tricky: The [...]
6 January 2019
The icon with a JAR file extension indicates a Java application that can be started with a double click.

What are files with a .jar extension?

The file extension .jar identifies Java Script archives that have been packed with ZIP compression. In addition to graphics, videos and audio files, these archives can of course also contain executable Javascript files. These jar files can be [...]
29 May 2018

Mac malware mshelper is using the CPU and fan

If the fan of your Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook is currently running at maximum performance again and again, although you do not use a lot of power in the macOS system or with individual apps, then you should take a look at the
4 March 2014

Solved: DaemonProcess.exe error due to missing QtCore4.dll at Windows start

Ok, I actually prefer to deal with Macintosh problems because I usually know what to do there. However, I just had to heal a customer's PC with TeamViewer, because it has [...]