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16 May 2022

Audio on the iPhone: Adjust media and sound volume individually

Sometimes it happens that I am listening to an audio book, a podcast or music on the iPhone, but at the same time I am waiting for an important message. So that the notification tone of the incoming message is not in the background of music […]
22 September 2020
Real-time check of the headphone level in dB

iOS 14: How to check headphone volume and ambient noise in real time

I have to say, Apple keeps surprising me with nice little features that weren't even on the screen when I updated iOS 14. I am currently looking forward to the opportunity to check [...]
18 May 2020

Tip: adjust the balance of the volume on the iPhone

A reader recently asked me whether there was an option on the iPhone to change the volume balance. She previously had an HTC smartphone and there was the function to measure the inner ear and accordingly [...]
6 April 2019
Siri volume screenshot

Change Siri volume without editing music volume

I have been using the AirPods 2 for some time and am quite enthusiastic about the small earplugs - which you can perhaps also see in my review of the AirPods 2. Unfortunately, I've been bothering me for weeks [...]
14 February 2017
mp3Gain under OS X Yosemite, MP3gain normalize mp3, adjust music, adjust volume and normalize with dB Mac

mp3Gain - normalize the volume of MP3 files

The Mac app mp3Gain or mp3 Gain takes care of the normalization of your mp3 files without much effort, so that they are all equally loud and you are not constantly louder in playlists with different albums and sources [...]
22 October 2013
Insert FCPX audio keyframes

Adjust volume in Final Cut Pro X clips with keyframes

In [FCPX on Mac-> final-cut-pro-x] you can easily change the volume for the entire clip, but it is a little less easy to see how to adjust the volume in a clip with keyframes in the audio track [...]