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27 September 2022

NordVPN Back to School Offer: 2 years effective from €2,88/month (Sponsor)

If you're currently looking for a versatile VPN for your computer, smartphone, smart TV, console, and more, NordVPN's new Back to School offering could help. For various packages there is still a short time until [...]
18 June 2022
Atlas VPN deal

Atlas VPN with 81% discount and Sir Apfelot coupon code

There are many reasons you might want to use a VPN. Maybe you want to access blocked content or websites. Maybe you're concerned about your privacy and security online. Or maybe you are looking […]
3 June 2022

Until June 15th: NordVPN with 60% discount and free antivirus function (Sponsor)

Surely you already know NordVPN and some of the advantages of this VPN provider. For example the more than 5.500 servers worldwide, the various protocols for the Virtual Private Network, the use of a subscription on up to six devices […]
31 May 2022

iOS 16 – What we could expect soon on the iPhone

In a week I'll be able to give you full details on the new features of iOS 16 and other operating system upgrades from Apple. But before that I looked around a bit for rumors and leaks. Some of the […]
25 May 2022

Surfshark: VPN service with new security features (Sponsor)

Surfshark is a VPN provider for which we can offer you a great discount link. In addition, in this article you will learn a bit about the possible areas of application of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as well as […]
15 May 2022
What is a proxy server?

What is a proxy or proxy server?

A proxy server is a computer - or a program - that acts as an intermediary between your computer and the Internet. It allows you to fetch websites and other online resources from servers around the world, […]
23 December 2021
VPN protection for privacy

Do VPNs Really Protect Privacy?

Interest in VPN providers has risen sharply in recent years. I suspect the reasons are, on the one hand, the increase in people who work on the go and, on the other hand, the use of streaming services such as [...]
9 December 2021
Will there be a VPN with Apple One?

Apple VPN - a logical feature for Apple One or iCloud +?

There's no question that Apple has made privacy and security a big priority for its users. Last but not least, security for iPhone users is also one of the main arguments with which [...]
28 September 2021

NordVPN with 72% discount - Only € 2,80 per month for two years

NordVPN is currently celebrating a month of action and is therefore offering new customers a strong discount. If you opt for the 2-year package, you save 72% of the regular price. Per month you pay in the two [...]
23 August 2021

CyberGhost VPN - advantages and current promotion for 1,90 € per month * (sponsor)

CyberGhost is a leading global provider of VPN solutions on a wide variety of end devices. With over 15 years in business and over 38 million users around the world, CyberGhost has a lot of experience. Worldwide redirection of [...]