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27 May 2020

Netflix: Better prices and more choice when streaming over VPN

If streaming films and series via Netflix is ​​not cheap enough for you, VPN offers can help keep the price down. Whether new or existing customers, taking out a subscription on foreign terms is theoretically [...]
27 April 2020

Why your VPN service should use zero-knowledge DNS

Not every VPN is the same, there are sometimes massive differences. An important feature that your VPN provider should have implemented is its own zero-knowledge DNS. What is hidden behind the term "DNS", what "zero knowledge" means [...]
23 April 2020

ExpressVPN - Reviews, experiences, and prices

A VPN helps you surf anonymously, change your location digitally and be more secure on the Internet. In many reviews, ExpressVPN is the test winner, which is due to several advantages of the provider. [...]
21 April 2020

What are 5 Eyes, 9 Eyes or 14 Eyes countries?

You may have run into the terms “5 Eyes”, “9 Eyes” and “14 Eyes” when you have dealt with privacy or data protection. Perhaps your VPN provider also refers to the one [...]
21 April 2020

Protection against malware - these tricks protect against viruses, Trojans and Co.

There are various types of malware for computers, smartphones and tablets. The possibilities, summarized under the term malware, to infiltrate a digital system, to spy on it or to use it to access data, apply [...]
9 March 2020

ZenMate VPN: provider's experience, speed and prices

As a VPN, ZenMate offers increased Internet security and privacy when using websites, Internet services and the like. According to its own information, the service already has over 45 million users worldwide and offers them 256-bit AES encryption, [...]
5 December 2019

NordVPN: VPN provider for Mac, iPhone and iPad (sponsor)

NordVPN is software for setting up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) on Mac, iPhone and iPad. But also under Linux, on Windows PCs and on Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. A secure [...]
24 July 2019

Mighty Mac Bundle - KOINGO software for $ 29,99 instead of $ 1.814,61! (Short message)

Have you always wanted to download the app since my CleanMyMac X report? Or are you flirting with the $ 500 VPNSecure Lifetime license? Then you can really clear away now! Because the developer KOINGO Software offers [...]