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20 December 2015
D-Link DCS-942L IP camera should be connected to LTE routers without WPS.

Reader's question: Can you couple an IP camera with WPS to a router without WPS support?

A reader recently asked me: "D-Link DCS 942LB IP camera with router TP-Link M5350 - My problem: how does the iP-Cam with WPS recognize the router without WPS?" The D-Link WLAN camera DCS 942LB is a […]
19 September 2015
Fritz.Box 7490 WPS button

Instructions: Connect the Fritz! Repeater 1750E to the Fritz! Box using the WPS button

I admit: Sometimes I "abuse" my blog to save instructions or information that I would otherwise simply not find again. For example, I just searched for 10 minutes until I found out again [...]