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12. October 2021

12 handy tools on the Google search engine

I mostly do web searches with DuckDuckGo or Ecosia, but there are a few use cases that lead me back to the old data octopus Google. In these cases I just want the convenience of some handy Google tools that [...]
9. September 2019
Nice rain photo

RegenVorschau Pro - My favorite app for short-term rain forecast

Every now and then I have made up my mind to introduce an app that is installed on my devices and that I myself use very often. Most of the time, such personal insider tips are exactly the kind of apps that one [...]
22th of June 2018

The best Mac, iPhone and iPad apps for travel planning (including websites)

Planning your trip and / or vacation completely offline? Hardly anyone does that anymore; and if so, it costs an unnecessarily long time and probably more money. Even from classic internet sites for booking, [...]
7. February 2017
Ventusky Wind and Weather 2017 mobile website weather forecast on map with visualization waves temperature

Ventusky: Call up wind and weather meteorologically precisely via (mobile) website

Ventusky is a website of the Czech meteorological company InMeteo, which shows, with its website, weather conditions, temperatures, wind, precipitation, air pressure and many other data in real time. Data can be called up worldwide - from any location [...]