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21 April 2022

Mobile-First Design – Why the smartphone is so important in web design (Sponsor)

Web design is not only about making a website look good, but above all about making it work. This includes the integration of text and images as well as the implementation of animations, videos, buttons, forms and the like […]
21 June 2020
iWeb alternatives under macOS Catalina

iWeb is dead - the best alternatives for Apple's website kit

I think I used iWeb and MobileMe before ... very briefly. But it didn't really convince me and at some point I ended up with Dreamweaver, which, by the way, now also has my back [...]
13 May 2020

Learn PHP - The Best Books, Courses, and Websites

Learn PHP, there are many ways to do this; from YouTube tutorials on programming to PHP textbooks and professional tutorials in web courses. If you want to internalize the programming language sufficiently, you should start with the basics and [...]