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19 July 2021 - Read data from websites for free

Websites and their place on the internet are no mystery. Sure, you mainly see the "front end", i.e. the graphically prepared front, and at first glance you don't know what it looks like in the background. This means […]
3 November 2020
Take a screenshot of an entire website in Google Chrome

Google Chrome: Take a screenshot of the entire website

Some time ago I had instructions on how to take a screenshot of an entire website in Firefox on a Mac. Today I needed the same function, but unfortunately in Google Chrome. Here is the […]
11 August 2019
Turn the Sir-Apfelot website into an app on the home screen? It's very easy with these instructions.

Instructions: Create an app on the iPhone from a website or URL

"Learned something again!" I can say today without any problems. Why? Because I showed my son how to get his school's substitution plan website as an app icon on his iPhone. So he can without much fumbling [...]