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5. August 2019

Well! "Instagram from Facebook" and "WhatsApp from Facebook"

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook group not only offers the blue social media platform and the associated messenger, but also other websites and apps. These include the Instagram photo service since 2012 and the WhatsApp instant messaging service since 2014. [...]
12 JULY 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 28 2019

Another week has passed and it's time for a Sir Apfelot newsreel again. This time I've worked up the Apple and tech news for you that I received in calendar week 28 [...]
14. May 2019

WhatsApp security - it's best to install the update immediately!

Anyone who uses the Messenger WhatsApp belonging to Facebook should look for the latest update in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store as soon as possible. And of course install this too. It is a serious [...]
10. May 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 19 2019

May makes everything new - but not when it comes to Sir Apfelot on Friday. As usual, you will be presented with interesting Apple and tech news again this time. In the messages that [...]
8. March 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 10 2019

How fast the time flies - it's Friday again: D And that means that I will once again provide you with the Apple and tech news that I have received over the week as part of a Sir Apfelot newsreel.
22. February 2019

Write in WhatsApp in bold, italic and strikethrough

Formatting text in WhatsApp, i.e. writing it in bold, italic and strikethrough, is not that difficult. In this little guide I will show you how to format your short messages. I tested this with the [...]
15. February 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 7 2019

It's Friday again, so it's time for the Sir Apfelot newsreel again! In this week's news article, I'll show you Apple and tech news that I particularly liked in calendar week 7 of 2019 [...]
8. February 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 6 2019

In this week's Sir Apfelot Wochenschau you will find the Apple and tech news that caught my eye in calendar week 6 of 2019. Among others, Twitter, Skype, Apple in 1984 and [...]
8. January 2019

WhatsApp down? How to find out!

WhatsApp is probably the messenger most used by smartphone users for communicating with friends, family, colleagues and so on. The worldwide high demand of the service leads now and then to the fact that [...]
19. October 2018

Sir Apfelot Wochenschau - Apple and tech news of week 42

For today's Friday there is of course a brand new Sir Apfelot newsreel. This time I'll show you which Apple and tech news I noticed so much in calendar week 42 in 2018 that I [...]