White balance

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22th April 2021

Apple TV Color Balancing: Color and white balance even with old models

With the new Apple TV 4K, Apple has also introduced the “Color Balancing” function. The color calibration or white balance is not exclusive to the new model, but also to older TV boxes. If the same is the coming [...]
16. February 2021
White balance: Correct blue snow in Photos app

Fix blue snow photos in the Photos app on the Mac

The last few weeks we had a pretty picture-perfect winter here. Of course, a number of photos were taken again, because if you were still walking around in the mud a few days ago, you can look at the white [...]
26. August 2020
White balance in Photoshop - quick and easy

Simple (!!!) white balance in Photoshop for dummies

I was just about to start doing my monthly tax, but I have a short article to finish quickly. Why? Because - after many years of Photoshop experience - I have learned a trick [...]
7. November 2018
LightSpectrum Pro: Measure color temperature with the iPhone

LightSpectrum Pro: Measure color temperature and color spectrum with the iPhone

I just finished the test report on the LED tea lights and stumbled upon the color temperature measurement. A customer stated the color temperature of the LED candles to be 2900 Kelvin and I felt the need to [...]