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15. May 2018

Olloclip: Lenses for iPhone X cameras

The Olloclip brand, which you may already know from camera accessories for other smartphones, currently also offers lenses or lens attachments for the Apple iPhone X. The lenses from the Mobile Photography Box Set for [...]
22. August 2016
Samsung Gear 360 all-round camera

Samsung Gear 360 - Affordable camera for 360 ° videos and photos

Admittedly, it's not an Apple device, but the Samsung Gear 360 camera with 360 ° video recording and photos with 360 ° or 180 ° is currently very popular. And that is not only due to the comparatively low price, but also [...]
April 19, 2013
Sigma 19mm lens for Sony E mount

Affordable wide angle for the Sony NEX 7

Today I was looking for an inexpensive wide-angle lens that I can use on the [Sony NEX 7-> sony-nex-7] to take [aerial photos-> aerial photos] and landscape photos. I've rummaged through a number of forums and in the end I am [...]
14. January 2013

Lenses for the iPhone: a selection

Even if the photographic properties of the iPhone 5 with the improved exceptions in twilight and the - for smartphones - quite decent optics are quite good, there are still some cases in which [...]