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6 August 2019

AVM Fritz! Repeater 600 and 1200 - Mesh WiFi devices for extensive WiFi

The Fritz! Box manufacturer AVM has released the AVM Fritz! Repeater 600 and the AVM Fritz! Repeater 1200 for WLAN devices and their use in houses, apartments, offices and the like. Their numbering already indicates the data turnover, [...]
10 October 2016

RAVPower card reader, WLAN repeater, power bank, ... the egg-laying woolly milk pig

The wireless SD card reader, WiFi router, WiFi repeater, 6000 mAh power bank and so on called RAVPower FileHub is apparently an inexpensive "egg-laying woolly milk pig" for travelers. Especially travelers who consider themselves "digital nomads" who watch films, [...]