Wildlife camera

Here you will find information and advice on the subject of wildlife cameras. The surveillance camera for animals and humans can be installed in the forest and garden, in the house or garage and anywhere else. The wildlife camera registers animals and people using a motion sensor so that the camera takes a photo, several photos or a video. You can read everything about photo trap, the right SD card or models with SIM card and cellular network as well as how infrared LEDs work in the articles listed here. There are also one or two tests on outdoor surveillance cameras with motion detectors. So take a look if you're looking for a wildlife camera;)

11 October 2017
Wildlife cameras in the forest, data protection, private photo trap set up

Reader's question: How can I track down a wildlife camera?

Here in the blog, the subject of wildlife cameras and their use as surveillance cameras have already been addressed a few times. Every now and then, questions about wildlife cameras come in, like those that I take up in this article [...]
4 September 2017

Game camera test: SecaCam HomeVista as game and surveillance camera

The SecaCam HomeVista is a wildlife camera and surveillance camera with night vision function, motion detector, very good image and video quality (day and night) and an extensive set including batteries and 8GB memory card. We had the opportunity to use the SecaCam HomeVista […]
27 March 2017
Wild Camera Cam Photo trap Security camera that sends pictures to your smartphone

Wildlife camera with SIM card: Send pictures directly via 3G cellular network

The photo trap as a topic here in the blog already existed last December; now the topic is to be expanded with regard to a wildlife camera with SIM card, if you have the camera for animal photos or [...]
15 December 2016
A game camera with night vision function is suitable for game observation, but also for building and property security. Thanks to the motion sensor, a wildlife camera reliably records images and videos as soon as animals or people move in the field of vision - ideal as a surveillance camera!

Photo trap: observe animals or monitor the property (updated!)

If you have your own piece of forest, want to track down animals in your garden or want to use a photo trap as a surveillance camera to secure your property, you will find a large selection of wildlife cameras on the internet. Here I would like to [...]