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24 July 2018

Test: AUKEY True Wireless headphones (EP-T1)

Since the end of last year, AUKEY has been offering a pair of in-ear Bluetooth headphones that do not require any cables and also have a charging cradle for on the go. The AUKEY EP-T1 "True Wireless Headphones" are simply plugged into [...]
23 May 2018

AirFly: Bluetooth adapter for jack, AirPods and other BT headphones

Twelve South recently launched the AirFly adapter for devices that have a jack output, but which you want to use with Bluetooth headphones such as the Apple AirPods. The device can easily be connected to the [...]
6 December 2017
Syllable D9X Headphones Buy Order Amazon Test Review Review

Test: Syllable D9X - wireless Bluetooth headphones with exchangeable batteries

I already briefly introduced the Syllable D9X Bluetooth headphones without cables and with replaceable batteries in November. The in-ear headphones look similar to a Bluetooth headset for on the go and, thanks to the total of four [...]