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13. September 2021
In the test - the Imou Bullet 2E IP surveillance camera

Imou Bullet 2E in the test: a smart WLAN surveillance camera for outdoor use

Imou offers different models of security cameras. The current Imou Bullet 2E is an inexpensive successor to the Imou New Bullet. Imou made the Bullet 2E available to me for a test, but this affects [...]
7. January 2020

[Solved] Mac loses WiFi connection after waking up from sleep

If you wake your Mac, iMac, Mac mini or MacBook from sleep mode, the WiFi connection may be terminated. Log in to the network every time or switch off the WLAN [...]
30. December 2019

Use AirDrop with Mac, iPhone and iPad

Apple's contactless transmission technology "AirDrop" is useful for exchanging files and data between Mac, iPhone, iPad and Co. This fast data exchange option is possible both between the same devices and across platforms between macOS, iOS and iPadOS [...]
21. February 2019

Cheap USB-C hubs cause Bluetooth and WiFi problems on the MacBook Pro

Bluetooth and WLAN problems with current MacBook models as well as series of the Pro series are repeatedly reported by users in forums and specialist magazines. In addition to speculation and rumors, there are also tangible indications of the cause [...]
21. January 2019

Measure WiFi speed on the Mac

If you want to know how good your wireless Internet connection is on an Apple Mac, iMac or MacBook, you can rely on services that are integrated in macOS or offered on websites. Additional software for WLAN speed [...]
29. December 2018
The Canon Selphy CP1300 photo printer

In the test: Canon Selphy CP 1300 WLAN - mobile photo printer for iPhone, iPad and Mac

In order to explain my purchase of the Canon Selphy CP1300 WLAN to you a bit, I have to go back a little: A good year ago I bought an HP color inkjet printer (HP Envy 5540) in order to [...]
30 JULY 2018

BGH judgment: Liability for interference with open WLAN networks in Germany off the table

The so-called "interference liability", ie the liability of WLAN operators for illegal activities by third parties, is now a thing of the past, according to a judgment by the Federal Court of Justice (BGH). On Thursday, July 26, 2018, the relevant case was judged and [...]
13th of June 2018

Sharing WiFi with neighbors and friends - that should be noted

Do you want to share your WiFi with your new neighbors, a lodger or couch surfing guest, with friends or relatives? Then it is not the best idea to simply pass on the password for the main access. How you proceed instead [...]
18. October 2017

KRACK: Vulnerability in WPA2 protocol (WLAN security hole)

KRACK is the name of a current WLAN security gap that results from a vulnerability in the WPA2 protocol. The abbreviation stands for Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 and thus actually for a security standard in Wifi networks of the IEEE [...]
6. October 2017
Turn off iPhone Wifi, turn off Bluetooth, permanently

iOS 11 trick: turn off WiFi and Bluetooth

Under iOS 11, you cannot completely switch off the WLAN or the Bluetooth connection in the new control center, but only cut the connection to the currently connected devices. Many users have criticized this and also the rather [...]