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19 July 2022

macOS Tip: Find and replace text in Word and Pages

Many of you probably know that you can start a full-text search on the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook in certain apps with the command key and F (⌘+F) as a key combination. But how can you find the text […]
18 February 2022

Apple's Word Processor: What is Pages?

One of the core tasks that office software is designed to make easier is word processing. On the computer, a lot revolves around text and its design: writing letters, designing forms, making lists, designing flyers, publishing memos and the like. Who Microsoft […]
22 September 2021

SciFlow - online writing program for academic papers

A little over two years ago we provided you with a list of apps and tools for authors. These offered and still offer various advantages such as distraction-free writing, the Duden examination, thesaurus and more. [...]
24 November 2020

PAGE 1 - New software for authors

With PAGE 1 there is a new software for authors and everyone who wants to become one. The tidy surface of the app provides an overview of individual projects, their chapters, the locations that appear in the novels, [...]
23 November 2020

Copy formatting: Copy the text format in Word and Pages

I work on the Apple MacBook Pro sometimes with Microsoft Word, sometimes with Apple Pages, depending on the project. Both have useful functions for dealing with text - if you can find them. If you […]
22 August 2019

Author writing programs for Mac and iPad with / without Duden exam, thesaurus and writing style analysis

While looking for an author's writing program, I came across a wide variety of apps. Especially when it comes to a program for the Mac that, in addition to a Duden exam, may also analyze the writing style, you have to be more precise [...]
17 June 2019
If your Dropbox Paper text document is extremely slow to respond to input, it could be due to a browser plug-in.

[Solved] Dropbox Paper is extremely slow with large documents

I've been annoyed about Dropbox Paper over the last few days because a shared document with a few hundred lines of text got so slow that I could write a sentence and then [...]
4 May 2018

PopClip for macOS: Tool for more productivity in word processing

Do you work a lot with text on your Mac and want to increase your productivity or your workflow when inserting website links or e-mail addresses, when formatting words, sentences and paragraphs and other tasks? Then I have [...]
11 October 2017
Press and Hold for Accents German, Apple keyboard call special characters

Mac tip: press and hold for accented / accented letters

Under macOS you will find functions, thanks to which you can select accents, special characters, currency symbols, emojis and more and insert them into a text. As with mobile operating systems (iOS, Android, etc.), this works partly by pressing [...]