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19 July 2022

macOS Tip: Find and replace text in Word and Pages

Many of you probably know that you can start a full-text search on the Apple Mac, iMac and MacBook in certain apps with the command key and F (⌘+F) as a key combination. But how can you find the text […]
29 December 2020

Mac Instructions: Editing Word and Pages Dictionaries

Accidentally added a misspelled word to the Microsoft Word or Apple Pages dictionary? Do you want to delete the wrong entry so that the spelling is displayed as incorrect again, i.e. underlined in red? [...]
23 November 2020

Copy formatting: Copy the text format in Word and Pages

I work on the Apple MacBook Pro sometimes with Microsoft Word, sometimes with Apple Pages, depending on the project. Both have useful functions for dealing with text - if you can find them. If you […]
21 April 2020
Simply write letters with EasyLetter

EasyLetter - write letters with a clean layout in seconds

I actually don't need Felix Brix's EasyLetter Mac app because I've been writing my correspondence with Adobe InDesign for a good 10 years. I know that kind of shot at sparrows with cannons, but I have [...]
12 November 2019

Microsoft Office 2019 for Mac (macOS Catalina) - but without a subscription

The old Office for Mac 2016 version, which was still running on my MacBook Pro, got the fatal blow with the update to macOS Catalina and no longer works because of the 64-bit exclusivity. So far I thought that [...]
2 May 2019

Word document: Forgot your password? How to bypass protection!

Word documents can be used for writing down recipes, Christmas greetings and wedding invitations. But also sensitive data, internal information of a company or the private password collection can be saved as doc or docx. To do this, the file [...]
19 September 2017

Open Docx and Doc files on a Mac

If you want to open a Docx (.docx) or a Doc (.doc) file on the Mac, you have various options - in addition to Microsoft Word, you can also use Apple's own Pages program and the free Word alternatives [...]