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11 October 2021
Gtranslate Wordpress plugin for automatic translation

GTranslate.io WordPress plugin for automatic translation - my pick of the week in KW38

It's time I worked up the "picks of the week" a bit, because I've been behind for weeks, so here's my pick for week 38: I've really been grappling with the idea for years, [...]
26 April 2021
Nitro Pack WordPress Plugin

NitroPack for WordPress - Pick of the week KW17

This week my pick is a WordPress plugin called "NitroPack". It is a plugin that ensures that your WordPress website scores well in the Google Pagespeed Insights test - actually not just good, [...]
10 October 2020

WordPress "Bulk Move" plugin: Bulk move posts between categories

It's not spring and it's not the time for spring cleaning either, but my huge category structure in the blog has annoyed me for months. Today I have decided to put some order in the categories [...]
26 September 2020
WordPress Plugin Public Post Plugin for public preview

Public Post Preview: Send WordPress posts in advance for viewing

For me it happens every now and then that companies that book a sponsored post want to read in advance what I have written about their product or service. This can of course be solved by [...]
1 June 2020
Wordpress Plugin Disable admin notes

Switch off messages individually in the WordPress admin area

Surely every WordPress user knows that: some plugin that you have installed persistently and constantly reappearing boxes with references to buy the premium version, write a review in the WordPress plugin repository or [... ]
15 April 2020
Popup Maker for Popups in Wordpress

Build elegant pop-up windows in WordPress with the plug-in Popup-Maker

As a rule, I create all websites for my customers with the WordPress blog system. Exceptions are websites where I have to create individual programming with PHP - but otherwise: everything in WordPress. Like me […]
21 March 2019
Instructions: Install VR in Wordpress

Embed 360-degree photos and videos in WordPress sites

The recordings from 360-degree cameras are fascinating. Of course one would like to show such photographs to the rest of the world. But how can 360-degree photographs, taken with the Insta360 One X, for example, be included in a WordPress post [...]
27 November 2018
The Wordpress editor Gutenberg is on board as standard from version 5. So it can be deactivated.

WordPress: Switch off Gutenberg Editor - Instructions with and without plugin

Version 5 of WordPress will be the first version that no longer delivers the Gutenberg editor as a plugin but as an integral part of the WordPress installation. It is true that since the beginning of 2018 it has been possible to use a plugin [...]
22 November 2018
The AAWP plugin for Wordpress with a 30% discount on Cyber ​​Weekend 2018.

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP) with 30% discount

I wanted to write "The best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP) ..." first, but from a legal point of view, I think that's not okay. But honestly: I think this plugin is terrific. I put it here on sir [...]