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20 October 2016
wordpress seo search engine optimization google

Search engine optimization: SEO in the blog as a factor for its success

SEO is important for every website and blog to be found by search engines - primarily Google. Depending on the content and offer of the page, the search engine optimization should also fail. Through the experience [...]
9 September 2015
Yoast logo

Deactivate warning messages from Yoast SEO WordPress plugin in the WP admin

Basically, I think the WordPress SEO plugin from "Yoast" is quite successful. I've installed it on most of my projects and I get on with it quite well. Only one thing annoys REALLY bad about the plugin: The [...]
11 April 2015

WordPress: Automatically mark advertising links to Amazon and Co.

As you know, I often refer to Amazon in this blog when I recommend products that I personally like or use myself. Even if there are any innovations that I may not yet [...]
5 May 2014

Solved: WordPress 3.9 text editor only shows empty window after update

In the last few weeks the [Wordpress-Updates-> wordpress-update] have come about at the same speed as the weekends arrive. I have now provided the first customer blogs with updates on [Wordpress 3.9-> wordpress] and now I had to find out that [...]
9 April 2014
Disable Updates Manager

Deactivate automatic WordPress updates

Since yesterday I have been receiving emails with the subject "[Your blog name] Your website was updated to WordPress 3.8.2". It explains that WordPress has updated itself. [...]
25 March 2014
WordPress SEO Yoast Window

Disabling pop-up messages in the WordPress admin

Today I came across an error in the WordPress admin area that probably shouldn't exist. I have activated the "WordPress SEO" plugin from Yoast for a project domain. After activation, the plugin opens [...]
6 January 2014
bbPress plugin

bbPress forum plugin for WordPress - experiences and tips

Anyone who has ever used open source software to set up a forum will surely have gained experience like this: the installation and configuration is complex, the forum will be ready in a few days [...]