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9. November 2021

MacBook Pro 2021 crashes because of YouTube - solution to problem

The new models of the Apple MacBook Pro and their displays invite you to watch HDR videos on YouTube. But if you scroll through the comments of the video during this time, you might get a kernel error and [...]
5. May 2021
YouTube Premium VAT Invoice

Where can I find the bill for YouTube Premium?

Somehow every service provider on the Internet seems to have its own technology to hide account statements and invoices from customers. It's not much different with Google or YouTube. I booked YouTube Premium a few months ago [...]
19. February 2021

So Many Tabs - Digital explained without mansplaining

So Many Tabs has been on YouTube since November last year. On this offer of the funk network digital topics in connection with natural sciences are explained. The four experts Anne, Kathrin, Sarah and [...]
30 December 2020
This is how you quickly empty the battery of an Apple Silicon MacBook Pro

The fastest way to discharge the battery of an Apple Silicon MacBook Pro

I didn't think I'd write an article about it one day, but now it has come to that. Apple seems to have solved the battery problem with laptops so well that I already [...]
1 December 2020

HDMI Capture Card - Christmas present for Twitch streamers with a PC

Are you looking for a Christmas present for a YouTube or Twitch streamer? Then a capture card for the PC can be the right surprise! This is because HDMI signals from Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Blu-Ray players, MacBook and [...]
2. November 2020

TubeBuddy - Easily manage and optimize YouTube channels

If you want to build a community on YouTube and have commercial success, you need a little help. Search engine optimization, thumbnails, and the right tags for the video are areas that such help is quite good for. [...]
23. October 2020

Sir Apfelot newsreel week 43, 2020

The weather shows us that autumn has come. But even if it is gray, cold and wet outside, you can rely on the flame of knowledge that is passed on at this point. Of course there are [...]
3. September 2020
How to embed a video from your own hosting in Wordpress

Instructions: Embed self-hosted .mp4 video in WordPress

Many of you using WordPress will simply embed videos in your posts using the URL from YouTube. WordPress then recognizes that it is a film that is on YouTube and automatically builds [...]
19th of June 2020

Create YouTube video thumbnail - online and without an app

If you upload a video to YouTube in order to make it available to a maximum number of viewers, it needs a bit of marketing to spread. For example, the thumbnail, i.e. the preview image, is important [...]
19. May 2020
Convert YouTube to MP3

Free Youtube to MP3 Converter - loads of spam and malware on the go

A reader asked me a few days ago how she could get a song from a YouTube video on iTunes. Of course, the path has to go through an audio file, because you want the music [...]