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17. January 2020

Change YouTube speed: watch videos faster / slower

If you want to watch a YouTube video faster or slower, you don't need a browser plug-in or an alternative app. The video platform from Google itself offers possibilities to play a video faster as well as to slow it down. [...]
12. August 2019

ClipGrab for Mac: Download and convert YouTube videos

A few days ago I received a question from a reader asking about a Mac alternative for the Windows software "Ant" with which you can download and convert videos from YouTube on your Mac. Looking for […]
9. August 2019

SMR - Apple ASMR videos on YouTube

So-called ASMR videos have been known and popular on YouTube and other platforms for some time. In the "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response" works, a goosebump-like, tingling sensation is said to spread from the head over the neck along the spine [...]
6. May 2019

Reader's question: Can you let YouTube run in the background on the iPhone?

Are you using the YouTube app and want to quickly switch to another program to do other things there? Then of course the video stops. The question quickly arises: Can you use YouTube on the iPhone [...]
April 30, 2019

What is a Youtube Super Chat?

If you hang around on YouTube and watch live streams there, you may have noticed the so-called "Super Chat". This offers a possibility for the viewers of the stream, the corresponding YouTuber [...]
April 26, 2019

Sir Apfelot newsreel, week 17 2019

Easter is over and slowly but surely a feeling of summer is taking hold with the warm temperatures. If you still look at your iPhone, iPad or Mac display to get your weekly dose here [...]
12. March 2019

Elgato Key Light: LED video light with Mac integration

Good lighting is very important in video production. This also applies to the Face Cam, which is used for a YouTube Let's Play, tutorial recordings or Twitch stream. If you […]
17. January 2019
Youtube Shortcuts - The best keyboard shortcuts for the video platform

YouTube Shortcuts: practical keyboard shortcuts for the YT player

I have to say that I somehow grew dear to YouTube. Again and again I find videos about electric unicycles, chess games or tutorials on software that interest me. It's fascinating how much video material you [...]
17. January 2019

Replace Youtube video with a new one - the best way

If a video is out of date, incorrectly edited or otherwise in need of revision, it can be deleted from pretty much any platform. But could you, for example, replace a YouTube video with a new one? The […]
14. December 2018

arte library download - save videos on iPhone and iPad

The German-French cultural television broadcaster arte with its media library is a popular starting point for those who want to watch documentaries, reports, magazines, programs and films as a stream. Unlike the media libraries of ARD, ZDF and Co. there are [...]