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29. October 2018

Marantz Professional Turret - Complete system for YouTube, podcast, game streaming, etc.

Do you want to produce web videos, stream video games on YouTube, Twitch or Mixer, record a podcast or realize other audio and video projects? Then the Marantz Professional Turret could be the ideal solution for your desk. Also as [...]
23. October 2018

YouTube: What is the difference between “Public”, “Not Listed” and “Private”?

If you don't know him yet, I would like to introduce you to the Sir Apfelot YouTube channel with this advice post. I recently wanted to upload a video with this for a customer and am in the upload dialog at [...]
April 12, 2018

4K Video Downloader - Download videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo and Co. (sponsor)

A little over a year ago, I introduced you to the 4K Stogram app, which you can use to download and save pictures from Instagram. From the same developers I now also have the 4K [...]
6. February 2018

YouTube keyboard shortcuts: fast forward, rewind, pause and more

YouTube has been the number 1 video platform on the internet for over a decade. If you as a user do not always want to use the mouse to use the individual functions of the player, then simply use the keyboard [...]
23. September 2016
Swift tutorial videos on YouTube are from Martin Lexow on the IXEAU channel

Free Swift tutorial videos on YouTube - Interview with Martin Lexow from IXEAU

The Apple programming language Swift is a good introduction for anyone who wants to learn to program. As mentioned at this year's Apple Keynote by Tim Cook, Swift will also be used in schools around the world as part of the ConnectED program [...]
4. December 2015
Youtube to MP3 Converter Icon

Recommendation: YouTube to MP3 Converter free for Mac as a freeware download

How many hours have I (and certainly you too) spent watching exciting YouTube videos? Countless hours! It often happens that a song that is used is particularly remembered. But about the song [...]
21. February 2014
Youtube channel template

Youtube channel design for companies - How to design the Youtube channel

As part of my work as a [search engine optimizer for customers-> search engine optimization], it is always necessary to create Google+ pages and YouTube channels for customers. So that the companies' YouTube channel also reminds them of the CI, [...]
21. February 2013
Youtube video lock

Instructions: Watch blocked YouTube videos - ProxTube is your friend

You know it: You click through Google and actually want to watch one or more interesting video and suddenly the message comes that you are unfortunately not allowed to watch this video because GEMA has [...]