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14. August 2019

Keka for Mac: Free, donation-financed macOS archiving program

The Keka app for Mac OS X and macOS is a flexible archiving program for the Apple computer. It can handle zip files by default, but there are a number of formats where you can click [...]
13. August 2019
Convert .app to .dmg

Instructions: Create a .dmg from an .app file on the Mac

This is again a manual that I just had to collect myself in an English forum. The reason why I want to turn an .app into a .dmg file is as follows: If you try a macOS [...]
April 18, 2018

With Dr. Unarchiver and BetterZip get insight into packed files / archives

There is a whole range of different apps and extensions available for opening RAR files and other archives on the Mac. However, if you don't want to unzip the packed files straight away, but want to see them first, then the [...]
30. October 2017
Extract ZIP archive iPhone app

Documents by Readdle: file manager and ZIP opener for iOS on iPhone / iPad

Documents by Readdle is a file manager app for iOS on iPhone and iPad. With the software you can import and save files on your Apple smartphone and tablet, manage and organize them, integrate all important cloud providers, [...]
6. September 2017

Open ZIP file: Mac OS X and macOS solutions

If you want to open a ZIP file on the Apple Mac, you may need a special program for this. Both on the websites of some software developers and in the Apple Mac App Store you can find [...]