Save up to € 850 ** and € 60 iTunes voucher for changing your vehicle insurance (sponsor)

It seldom happens that I can combine a sponsorship request with my own experiences that I have already had before. In the case of Tarifcheck, this is the case, so I like to include the advertising article here - not just because of a financial advantage. So if you are currently looking for a new, cheaper auto insurance for your car and also want to grab an iTunes gift card, then simply take a look at the following offer. Maybe there is something for you and your tariff change in 2018;)

With tariff check you can find a new tariff for car insurance. You can save up to 850 euros and on top of that there is a 60 euros iTunes voucher with the local offer!

With tariff check you can find a new tariff for car insurance. You can save up to 850 euros ** and on top of that, the local offer includes a 60 euros iTunes voucher *!

Check tariffs and find better auto insurance

Below you will find my experiences with the offer of Tarifcheck and the description of an insured event that could or had to put the new, cheaper contract to the test. In and of itself, I would like to note at this point that tariff check is a good way to find car insurance and to check out individual conditions at the best prices. The advantages that the comparison platform offers are the following:

  • Free, competent comparison of 300+ car insurance tariffs
  • Up to € 850 savings by concluding a new contract compared to the old contract
  • € 60 iTunes voucher as an exclusive offer for readers of Sir Apfelot (Dispatch of the voucher 04/2019!)
  • Change of tariff is quick and easy
  • Easy to use website with no distracting bells and whistles

Click here for the campaign page: Secure benefits and receive an exclusive iTunes voucher *

My experiences with Tarifcheck and CosmosDirekt

I checked my car insurance two years ago with the comparison calculator from Tarifcheck. Thanks to the comparison and the newly concluded contract with CosmosDirekt as the insurer, I then had more km per year in the contract, less deductible and still got a good 150 euros cheaper than with my previous insurance. 

The ultimate test of the new insurance was as positive as it was unplanned: I had a stone chip in the window, had it repaired, and on the way home from the repair, I got another one. This time in the field of vision, which means: replace the entire windscreen. I called the insurance company and described my case, but the clerk took it easy when I said it sounds very "unrealistic", but it really happened. He said they did it more often than you think. 

Payment of the damage was done directly with the workshop in a short time without much bureaucracy. I can therefore recommend the comparison and the CosmosDirekt insurance 100% - from my own experience, because last year I ended up with CosmosDirekt via tariff check. With other comparative data than mine, you may find another insurer and possibly even more favorable conditions by comparing different offers. As the saying goes: there is nothing to compare: D

Find new auto insurance for your car here: Promotion page for "Sir Apfelot" readers *


** Sample calculation for a vehicle change

Smart fortwo coupe 0.9, 65 kW (1313 / EGF), cash purchase, registration in Munich, policyholder: man (born 1994), single, student, no children, liability (SF 3) and fully comprehensive (SF 3) with 500 € self-service Including partial coverage with 150 € SB, workshop selection (all tariffs), annual premium payment. Savings tariff: 441,63 euros / AllSecur (based on KaskoDirekt), annual fee. Comparative tariff: € 1.289,28 / Nürnberger Allgemeine (comfort car insurance), annual contribution. Source: CHECK24 vehicle insurance comparison, 10/2018

* Conditions of participation:

  1. TARIFCHECK24 GmbH carries out a voucher campaign in cooperation with various cooperation partners. There is no right to participate in this promotion.
  2. All submitted and valid car insurance applications that were submitted via the special target page of the respective cooperation partner between October 15.10.2018, 30.11.2018 and November XNUMX, XNUMX, take part in the voucher campaign. If a different campaign period applies to a cooperation partner, this will be explicitly pointed out by the cooperation partner.
  3. Valid applications are those that have been submitted to the respective insurance company after review and that have finally come about. In this case, the voucher mentioned will be issued. The value of the voucher depends on the respective terms and conditions of the individual cooperation partners.
  4. The voucher is only issued to the respective applicant.
  5. After confirmation by the insurer, the voucher will probably be sent by email to the email address given in the application in April 2019.
  6. A cash payment of the voucher and a transfer to third parties is not possible. A right to exchange the voucher is excluded. All follow-up costs that may be associated with the voucher are to be borne by the applicant.
  7. Employees of the cooperation partners and TARIFCHECK24 GmbH are excluded from participating in the voucher campaign.

Stand: 10 / 2018



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