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Taskade is an AI-supported project management solution that allows you to plan tasks, projects and entire companies in order to complete or establish them in a structured manner. From planning the budget to creating a video game production to the marketing concept for the company, Taskade should be able to handle a wide variety of tasks. The tool is also designed for collaboration between global teams, with pricing models for different user numbers, apps for all kinds of devices and other helpful offers. Here we take a first look at Taskade, and over time we will look at individual details.

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Taskade – AI-powered project management solution for teams of various sizes. Chatbots, AI agents and other tools offer automated solutions for a wide variety of specialist areas and tasks.
Taskade – AI-powered project management solution for teams of various sizes. Chatbots, AI agents and other tools offer automated solutions for a wide variety of specialist areas and tasks.

What is Taskade?

Taskade presents itself as a tool for “AI-Powered Productivity”. With Taskade you can create projects, work out schedules and transfer them to calendars, create mind maps and to-do lists and much more. Taskade not only offers the interfaces for all of this, but also the AI ​​tools to automate everything or at least fill it with AI support. 

There is also an AI chatbot that you can ask for inspiration for individual points. If planning a start-up means that you need a business plan, then you can still determine what it entails, what information needs to be included and what structuring is appropriate. But that is just one example of the many possible uses.

Various AI tools combined in one

In addition to specially developed tools, Taskade relies on the capabilities of GPT-4 in many ways. The language model also used in ChatGPT can identify tasks, divide them into individual subtasks, help assign them to responsible people or departments, and more. Additionally, Taskade's AI can search for information on the Internet. Furthermore, documents can be entered about which questions can then be asked or from which data can be extracted.

Whether AI-supported or manual, in addition to obtaining information, it is of course also about structuring the available information, tasks and schedules. Various graphical presentations are available for documents. From the mind map to the to-do list to the table for tasks and responsibilities, everything is included. A calendar, a document collection and overviews divided into blocks for free use are also included.

You can now fill the individual subpages and documents manually or use AI commands or prompts to have them filled out automatically. You can choose between AI assistant (chatbot), sub-task, brainstorming, outline, summaries, translations and more. In addition, Taskade is introducing more and more specialized AI agents that can be used specifically for research, specific sectors of the economy and similar specialist areas.

Taskade app download for these platforms

In addition to the Taskade website, your projects can also be realized via the Taskade app. This is based on the design of Discord and is available for different operating systems:

  • Taskade for macOS on the Apple Mac
  • Taskade for Windows and Linux on the PC
  • Taskade for iOS and iPadOS on iPhone and iPad
  • Taskade for Android on smartphones and tablets
  • Taskade plugins for Chrome, Firefox and Edge

Watched: The online demo of Taskade

Before you create an account and use the Taskade app or website for free or with a subscription, you can also watch the whole thing as an interactive demonstration. That's what the subpage is for Instant demo, where you can create your first test project or familiarize yourself with various content and usage options in the sidebar (left).

When I tried it out, I immediately noticed that some content and AI commands can be used in German. The Taskade website is in English and only advertises everything in that language. But if you want to use Taskade in German, you can do that too. Since GPT-4 is behind many tools, the interface, the chatbot, the commands and so on can of course also be used in many other languages ​​in addition to German and English.

Use Taskade for free or with a subscription

It's free to create an account and start using Taskade to get familiar with it. The free account includes a workspace for up to three people, with 250 MB of storage space and a seven-day project review. Furthermore, 1.000 AI credits per month are included. The Taskade AI can only be used to a limited extent here.

There are also the Starter and Plus subscriptions for three or five members each, more storage space and a more extensive project history - one or three months respectively. The Taskade AI can be used indefinitely. The starter subscription can be used for one workspace and from 4 euros per month (billed annually). The Plus subscription is available for two workspaces and costs 7 euros per month (billed annually).

For start-ups, companies and corporations there are also the Pro, Business and Ultimate subscriptions. Taskade AI is also available without limits in these three subscriptions, but five, 20 or any number of workspaces and different numbers of users can be used. The storage space also differs with 20 GB, 100 GB and 1 TB. The prices are 16 euros, 41 euros and 83 euros per month (billed annually). You can find all the details on the Pricing subpage.

Conclusion to the first overview

At first glance, you can feel a bit overwhelmed by the many options that Taskade offers you. But if you have a specific project, a start-up idea, a task in the team or department or another specific application, then there are numerous solutions available here. Everything is possible, from targeted internet searches to the evaluation of documents to the automatic creation of structures and to-do lists. The first overview shows an extensively usable AI tool for productivity. In further articles we will then look at individual tools and use cases.

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