Technology and robot advent calendar 2021

I got you yesterday interesting LEGO advent calendar presented for December 2021, today it's about technology, electronics and robots. If you, your partner, your children or someone else is into technology and robots, then the following suggestions might be something to heat up the anticipation for Christmas in December 2021. Even football fans will get their money's worth in the following selection! Check it out ;)

Below you will find five advent calendars for 2021 from the fields of robotics, electronics and mechanics. There is a lot for children from 8 to 14 and adults can also take a trip to physics with these sets.

Below you will find five advent calendars for 2021 from the fields of robotics, electronics and mechanics. There is a lot for children from 8 to 14 and adults can also take a trip to physics with these sets.

Robot advent calendar without soldering

The FRANZIS robot advent calendar 2021 is recommended for children aged 10 and over. But adults who want to take a detour into the subject of robotics can certainly be enthusiastic about it. The small moving robot, which is fully assembled after 24 days, has optical sensors and can therefore follow a line on the floor or on the table top. You can also control it with a flashlight. An accompanying booklet and all other necessary materials will help with assembly. An understanding of circuit diagrams is built up. This link takes you to the product page.

FRANZIS 67161 - Robot Advent Calendar 2021 - in 24 days to your own mobile robot, completely ...
  • In 24 steps you get a fully functional tracking robot
  • For discovering and researching electronic circuits
  • Previous knowledge of electronics not required

Electronics escape room advent calendar

The escape room advent calendar 2021 by FRANZIS is also intended to convey fun and interest in circuits and electronics. It is important to set up various circuits and solve puzzles. The Advent calendar, recommended for ages 14 and up, which provides the necessary electronics knowledge by means of an accompanying booklet, also brings individual tree decorations that can be tinkered as part of the puzzles and tasks. An all-round package for those looking forward to Christmas. With this link you can have a look.

FRANZIS 67154 - Electronics Escape Room Advent calendar, 24 experiments and puzzles all about ...
  • Build exciting circuits and solve the puzzle over 24 days
  • Including a detailed accompanying book with lots of interesting background information
  • With individual tree decorations that nobody else has

Electronics football advent calendar

This set for children from 14 years of age also comes from FRANZIS and offers an overarching theme for the various circuit tasks. Because this advent calendar is aimed at football fans who want to carry out a few experiments in the field of electronics. In addition to the plug-in board, cables, lamps and other elements, there is also a handicraft sheet with a soccer theme, so that the individual handicrafts can be tackled with the right motivation. The small lights on the plug-in board are used to display scenarios such as goalie training, one-two in a stylized way. Here you can get an idea of ​​it.

14,17 EUR
FRANZIS 67333 - Electronics football advent calendar 2021, in 24 days for your own ...
78 Reviews
FRANZIS 67333 - Electronics football advent calendar 2021, in 24 days for your own ...
  • Football fun, stadium feeling and electronics knowledge in one
  • Discover a new component every day
  • Simple assembly with the plug-in board technology - completely without soldering, including handicraft sheets for an even more football feeling

GEOlino advent calendar with technology and electronics experiments

GEOlino also has an advent calendar aimed at technology-loving children from the age of 8. 24 experiments are offered with exercises on acoustics, electronics and light. By using a plug-in board, there is no need to solder, as is the case with the aforementioned calendars for the pre-Christmas period. An accompanying booklet shows the individual experiments and trials in an understandable way. Whether it's something for you or your kids, you can find out on the product page. In any case, the reviews are mixed.

FRANZIS 67171 - GEOlino advent calendar, 24 exciting experiments from technology and electronics, with ...
  • 24 exciting experiments to see, hear and try out for the Christmas season - a must for everyone ...
  • Little tinkerers learn in a clear way how the components work
  • Including a detailed accompanying book with many pictures, the experiments are sure to succeed

Marble run advent calendar for understanding mechanics

Aside from electronics and robotics, technology naturally also consists of mechanical matters. And this is what the FRANZIS marble run advent calendar provides with 143 pieces for handicrafts and games. The set, recommended for ages 8 and up, offers a ball track made of cardboard and nine balls. At the end, three lanes lead into a funnel, from which one lane leads to the ball lift. This is operated by hand and the balls roll through the tracks again. What the whole thing looks like You can find out about this on the product page. As with all other suggestions, the reviews here are good for making a purchase decision.

9,86 EUR
FRANZIS 67300 - marble run advent calendar, in 24 days to your own marble run, handicraft set made of ...
  • Build your own marble run from 143 plug-in parts in 24 days
  • Including detailed assembly instructions
  • Environmentally friendly: All parts are made of cardboard - no glue is required

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