Telrad projection viewfinder with dew cap

Telrad viewfinder
Telrad viewfinder

The Telrad viewfinder is perfect for setting deep sky objects (Photo: Amazon).

There are some discussions as to whether a Telrad or a [red dot finder-> red dot finder] should be used as a finder for a [telescope-> telescope]. Anyone who opts for a Telrad finder has several advantages, but they come at a price, because the red dot finders are usually much cheaper.

Advantages of the Telrad viewfinder

Here are the most important advantages that the Telrad system offers:

  • Projection of concentric circles (while red dot finders produce only one point)
  • The circles of a Telrad are provided in the Deep Sky Travel Atlas as an orientation aid, so that objects can be easily found with a Telrad and Deep Sky Travel Atlas
  • the luminosity of the Telrad can be continuously adjusted from zero to maximum
  • the three concentric circles correspond to 0,5 - 2 and 4 ° in diameter, so that you can get a feel for the angular distance

If you want to buy a Telrad, you can find it on Amazon, for example. However, you should also order a dew cap, because on cold winter nights the windshield thaws and you can no longer see anything. Both products are listed again here:

Telrad projection viewfinder
The Telrad finder is very popular among amateur astronomers, as it is very easy to find deep sky objects with Telrad maps.
Telrad dew cap
This dew cap is simply screwed onto the Telrad viewfinder and can then be folded up when you want to use the viewfinder.

For people who are looking for Telrad cards, I have the corresponding link on the subject "Deep Sky Travel Atlas".

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