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So far I've used three different types of dispensers and can therefore draw on a small pool of experience when it comes to this product category. Currently I have definitely found my favorite model, which I would like to present here in the article: Tesa Pack dispenser pack'n'go.

tesa package tape dispenser
The Tesa Pack packaging tape dispenser PACK'N'GO is my new office tool (photos: Sir Apfelot).

So that we are all talking about the same thing: I am reporting here about a packaging tape dispenser that can process 50 mm wide packaging tape on rolls.

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Three designs for dispensers

You know the classic dispensers: A handle with two branches, one with the package roll and the other with the cut-off and a plastic part that you can use to press on.

The second design is a simple metal dispenser that I bought years ago because it looked so handy and robust.

And the third design is the one I have new: a design tape dispenser from Tesa, which is made of plastic and has turned out to be small and handy.

Here you can see the three package tape dispensers that can be found in our house.
Here you can see the three package tape dispensers that can be found in our house.

Disadvantages of each model

In the case of the classic model, the following points were disruptive:

  • The dispenser takes up a lot of space and is unwieldy.
  • The threading of new roles is halfway, but I still had to think again and again.
  • Sometimes the reel was not properly attached and would slowly rotate outwards, causing the tape to come out crooked and, in the worst case, tangling.
This is the first dispenser we had - probably all of you know this construction.
This is the first dispenser we had - probably all of you know this construction.

I can think of the following disadvantages of the metal dispenser:

  • The dispenser is small, but gripping around the entire metal housing is more for big hands.
  • Threading has always been tricky because the slit was so small that the ribbon is glued to the metal.
  • Sometimes I also threaded it the wrong way around and then I had to disassemble everything again and do the fiddly threading again.
  • You can't see how much packing tape is left on the roll. There is a viewing slit, but it's so dark inside that you can't see anything.
metal dispenser
This metal dispenser is robust but also heavy and unfortunately loading a new roll is unnecessarily complicated.

When it comes to the new design tape dispenser, I can only think of one negative point:

  • The dispenser is made of plastic.
Inserting a new roll of packaging tape is pleasantly easy with the Tesa dispenser - threading the tape in is also easy.

What the design dispenser from Tesa does right

I really like my new acquisition - and not just because it looks handier and prettier than the rest of the packaging tape dispensers.

The advantages for me are these:

  1. Threading is really easy, because you only have to clamp the tape between the two protruding guide parts. To do this, you just pull the tape over the guide and it slips in by itself.
  2. Changing the roll of packaging tape is super easy because you don't even have to open anything. There is also no need to adjust with a screw after changing the roll. It couldn't be easier.
  3. The device has a minimalist design and is still a device that you can hold comfortably in your hand. Even small hands shouldn't have a problem with it.
  4. You can see at any time how much packaging tape is still on the roll.
  5. For aesthetes: the dispenser is available in light blue and pink. In order to do justice to all role models, I naturally ordered it in light blue. Real men would probably prefer digital camouflage patterns in anthracite tones. ;-)
The Tesa dispenser is super handy and easy to use - for left- and right-handers alike.
The Tesa dispenser is super handy and easy to use - for left- and right-handers alike.

My conclusion

If you are looking for a good, cheap and still reasonably pretty package tape dispenser, you should get this one PACK'N'GO dispenser from Tesa Pack look at. I find it so successful that I give it the title "Pick of the week“ give.

tesa pack n go
The phrase “PACK'N'GO” seemed misspelled at first, but it appears to be correct.

If, like me, you're wondering if the number of apostrophes in the brand name “PACK'N'GO” is correct, here's the solution that both a native English speaker and chatGPT can confirm:

The phrase “pack 'n' go” is colloquial and often used in informal contexts. It represents the spoken form of "pack and go." In more formal or written contexts it would be better to use the full form “pack and go”. The spaces around the apostrophe in ” 'n' ” should be consistent, either “pack 'n' go” or “pack 'n go” depending on the style you're following.

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  1. Thanks for recommending an OS neutral gadget, sir. Hopefully the reflink has thrown something off for you for my bundle version as well.

    I hope that this designer piece will replace my classic murder tool (according to the “Bones” series) in a worthy manner and without injury.

    1. Hello Wolfgang! Really, had Bones ever been a murder place? Well, the spikes in front are usually pretty nasty. 😂 And thanks for ordering via Reflink... mostly it works and a few pennies load for me. 😊 I keep my fingers crossed that you like it too!

      1. Yes, killer hit sideways in the direction of the head with a slightly larger industrial dispenser, and the cutting prongs severed something important on the victim's neck. The authors have imagination, even with me it stuck. Just don't ask which episode.

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