Test: AUKEY LT-ST23 - RGB LED bedside lamp with rechargeable battery

Are you looking for an RGB LED lamp with rechargeable battery, color change, warm white, cold white and a touch-sensitive field for dimming the light with a haptic experience at the same time? Then I can recommend the AUKEY LT-ST23 to you. I put this lamp to a test and examined a lot from the operation and the brightness to the waterproof and other features. If you are looking for a mobile RGB LED lamp - for example as a bedside lamp - with a rechargeable battery and magnetic underside, then this review could be interesting for you;)

The AUKEY LT-ST23 in the test. Extensively usable RGB LED lamp with battery and magnetic underside. Color change, protection against penetrating water and much more!

The AUKEY LT-ST23 in the test. Extensively usable RGB LED lamp with battery and magnetic underside. Color change, protection against penetrating water and much more!

AUKEY LT-ST23 test: Unboxing the RGB-LED lamp

You don't really have to say anything about the delivery of AUKEY products. Since the shipping is processed via Amazon, the product was with me quickly. Small note: yes, it is a free test copy. This experience report is nonetheless objective and also shows a few points that could be improved. So, after this note, now about the packaging: The packaging of the AUKEY lamp is, like other products from the manufacturer, simple and designed to some extent to protect the environment. Although the small box arrived welded in foil and the lamp was also surrounded by foil, otherwise there was again a lot of cardboard (see photos).

What's in the box

The scope of delivery of the small RGB LED lamp already gives an indication of the various functions. You can charge the battery via USB on a suitable charger or power bank. The tab on the underside can be used to hang it on a hook or carabiner and the magnetic underside is also used for individual placement. The area of ​​application ranges from mood lighting to use as an LED bedside lamp.

The scope of delivery is therefore as follows:

  • 1 x AUKEY LT-ST23 lamp
  • 1 x charging cable (Micro-USB to USB-A)
  • 1 x carabiner for individual attachment
  • 2 x metal plates with adhesive side
  • 1 x user manual, 1 x warranty card


If the lamp seems interesting to you by now, but you want a few more details, then the technical data of the AUKEY LT-ST23 may be appropriate. Here are the most important information about the device:

  • Dimensions: 9,5 x 9,5 x 7,5 cm
  • Weight: 249 g
  • Number of LEDs: 29 pieces
  • Light intensity: 180 lm
  • Color temperature (white): 3.000K / 6.500K
  • Battery life: 5 hours (brightest light) / 80 hours (lowest dimmed light)
  • Battery capacity: 2.200 mAh
  • Power input: 5V, 1A
  • Waterproof: according to IP65 equivalent

AUKEY LT-ST23 test: functions - not only ready for use as a bedside lamp

I'm really excited about the cold white and warm white lighting modes. The desired mode can be selected using the on / off button on the underside of the AUKEY LT-ST23 LED lamp, and the brightness can be set using the area in the middle of the top. The other two of the four modes are the color changes - a manual and an automatic. That's nice, if you want colored light, you have to get by with the standard brightness. Because the touch-sensitive sensor is only used for color adjustment. The brightness cannot be changed in RGB mode.

Mobile light for indoors and outdoors

Thanks to the 2.200 mAh battery, the charging function via micro USB and the protection against ingress of water, the lamp is versatile. I tested the water resistance in the shower - first with a little water to test the lower sealing ring, but this meant that the magnetic underside of the lamp and my shower tray came close. With more water (don't worry: it was used again) the lamp floated and withstood the water. I made an interesting discovery: When the touch-sensitive sensor on the top comes into contact with the surface of the water, the (white) light becomes brighter or darker:

Fasten almost anywhere with magnets

Since I had no idea where to attach the supplied metal plates for the AUKEY LT-ST23 test, I did not use them, but used other metallic objects. The shower tray has already proven to be a functioning test object. Perhaps not ideal for the current heating time, but still possible: attach the lamp to the heating. Like in this video:

Buy the AUKEY LED lamp on Amazon

The manufacturer AUKEY sells its products via Amazon, which is why this is the first port of call when you want to order this lamp. You can choose whether you want to buy the model with a white lower half or with this one in black:

Advantages and disadvantages of the RGB lamp

As with every gadget, there are some super-great points that also need improvement. Here I have summarized a few advantages and disadvantages of the AUKEY LT-ST23 LED lamp:


  • Mobile, small, but bright light in all situations (at home, camping, vacation)
  • Tested and working: mobile charging with the AUKEY PB-N15 power bank
  • Four modes: warm white, cold white, autom. Color change, manual color change
  • Attach accessories to hang up or use a magnet
  • Can be used as a desk lamp, night light, pool lighting, etc.


  • "Only" 5 hours of running time at the brightest level
  • No brightness adjustment in RGB mode
  • Battery not (easily) exchangeable

Conclusion of the Aukey lamp

Whether as dimmed lighting in the evening, as night light or colorful pool lighting - the AUKEY LT-ST23 LED lamp performed well in the test. Although the brightness cannot be adjusted in the RGB color change mode, it is not really "dark" anyway. The lamp can be used very flexibly: the Aukey LED lamp can be used both as an LED bedside lamp and as a tent lamp.

If you want to know what else you can connect to the PB-N15 Powerbank with 20.000 mAh, then take a look - if you are still missing audio equipment - in these Test of two AUKEY Bluetooth speakers ;) And of course please leave a comment!


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