Test: CleanMyPC for system and hard disk cleanup on Windows computers

A little over two years ago there was one here on the blog Test of CleanMyMac 3, which is still considered a recommendation for the Mac app. At this point, for the sake of completeness, I would like to introduce you to CleanMyPC from MacPaw, the sister program for Windows computers. I recently took a close look at this software for system and hard drive cleaning - however, not on a Windows partition of the Mac hard drive, but on a Lenovo laptop; so under "real" conditions.

The MacPaw CleanMyPC app for Windows computers is ideal for keeping your computer's hard drive in good condition. In this test report you can find my experiences with the software.

The MacPaw CleanMyPC app for Windows computers is ideal for keeping your computer's hard drive in good condition. In this test report you can find my experiences with the software.

CleanMyPC in the test: delete garbage data, free up space and more

Especially when the PC or notebook is a bit older, you often have to struggle with comparatively small hard drives that have accumulated a lot of files and folders over the years. Some things can be moved to memory cards, external hard drives or to the cloud - but software, apps, office solutions and games as well as files that you need every day have to stay on the hard drive. To keep things tidy, to remove residues of deleted files and to clean up directories, logs and cache memories that are no longer used, you should get help - and this is what MacPaw offers with CleanMyPC for Windows.

The price for CleanMyPC 

The price for MacPaw CleanMyPC depends on how many licenses you want to purchase at once. There are single licenses, packages for up to 5 PCs and even a MacPaw bundle with CleanMyPC for Windows and CleanMyMac for macOS in a double pack at a budget price. Here I have listed the individual costs for you:

  • Single license: 39,95 euros
  • License for 2 PCs: 59,95 euros
  • License for 5 PCs: 89,95  Euro
  • Bundle for Mac and PC: 67,95 euros

Update 15.12.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX: CleanMyPC is expiring

The developers wrote to me that there are only critical updates for CleanMyPC. The development of the app has been stopped and in the future there will only be isolated updates that are important for the function of the program.

For this, the price was changed from the subscription model, as it was originally, to a one-time purchase of 39,95 euros.

Download and installation

The download is very easy and happens directly from the developer website. Why you should only download apps from the developer, you read that here. You can also download the setup for CleanMyPC on your Mac and then play it on the Windows PC using a stick or external hard drive. During the installation you will be asked for your preferred language - German is available as an option.

Then standard steps are exercised, such as the license agreement, the selection of a directory and the question of the icon on the desktop and the start of the software after the successful installation. If everything is clear, then you simply click on "Install" and off you go.

Activation with "Activation Number"

If you buy the full version of the app, you will receive an activation code by email - if the email arrives in English, it is the activation number. This is highlighted accordingly so that you cannot read it at all. Simply mark, copy and paste in the activation menu of the software. Your CleanMyPC version will be associated with your purchase and you can use the full version, which brings you the functions and options described below.

Functions of CleanMyPC: computer, registry, program uninstallation, etc.

The program that has been started has a simple structure and offers you an overview of the functions on the left-hand side and the corresponding information on the right-hand side when they are used. In the following I have summarized the individual possible uses of the cleaning program with brief explanations and a screenshot for each, so that you can get an impression:

My computer

Here you can scan your Windows PC for data residues, expired documents and data junk. According to the description, only data that does not represent any loss to the system or private data is deleted.

Registry maintenance

This function searches for problems and errors in the registry database of the Windows system - and fixes them with one click. This, too, should not have a negative effect on the system or your own files.


Simply select programs, approve for uninstallation and have them automatically removed. Connected directories, files and folders that are ignored in a standard uninstallation are also deleted. I have listed criticism of the function below.

Eliminate Mac apps with all leftover data: AppCleaner for macOS


Here you can see how big the system image is in the idle state (about 1,5 GB for me). You can activate and deactivate hibernation using the slider.


toolbars in Browser and Explorer, widgets for the desktop or plug-ins for individual apps - if you want to get rid of them or update them, you've come to the right place.


Autostart is the collection of programs and services that are started when Windows boots. You can select or deselect the individual programs using the slider.


If you don't know how to delete your browser history, empty the cache or remove cookies, this function can help you.


The shredder from CleanMyPC offers the safe deletion of files and folders. Their storage space is overwritten several times, making restoring difficult or impossible.

Experience with individual options

The first thing I did was select "My Computer" to see how much junk I could remove from the hard drive. In the end, there were 3,93 GB of different files that I either couldn't find or would probably not have clearly classified as deletable with a manual search. It is interesting that in addition to a display of the amount of data removed at the end of the process, the cumulative amount of hard drive garbage removed from all runs is also displayed. So you can see that (or whether) the regular use of this option is also worthwhile.

Then I looked at the "Registry Maintenance", where the Windows registry database is examined carefully. Problems, expired data or registry entries that are no longer used are searched for in the database for configurations of the system and programs. Since I otherwise absolutely did not deal with the topic, it also found 291 problems that can be solved with a click on "Repair registry". Practically!

I also used the “multi-deinstallation program” to see how quickly it all works, how many programs can be deinstalled at once and whether it is really more convenient than with the Windows program overview CleanMyPC also has an alphabetical list from which you can choose not just one, but up to 10 programs that are to be uninstalled one after the other. 

Anyone expecting complete automation and other conveniences here will be a little disappointed. Because for many apps you have to confirm the deletion individually and sometimes also select the components that are to be deleted with the main program. With some programs, the developer page is also opened in the web browser after the uninstallation - this is not prevented by CleanMyPC. Ergo: You have to stay seated and see that everything goes its way.

By starting an uninstalled program in the browser, I immediately discovered an additional function of CleanMyPC: If you close a web browser, you will be informed with a message that you will remove the data, cookies, cache fillings, etc. generated with the web session can.

I was also curious about the menu item “idle state” because I couldn't imagine anything under it. For me, hibernation was just a battery-saving way to leave the laptop alone, but not switch it off. What I have learned through CleanMyPC is that the (automatic) hibernation mode means that a status quo image of the system is created, which can be several GB in size and accordingly takes up space on the hard drive. Therefore, you can switch off the rest option of Windows directly in the MacPaw app.

Under "Extensions" I was shown mainly plug-ins and additional content of the installed web browser. Internet Explorer, which has basically never been used, as well as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox could be updated and cleaned.

More screenshots:

The shredder can also be used directly in the Explorer - how, the program shows in an info column. You can also set the number of overwrites in this CleanMyPC tab.

The shredder can also be used directly in the Explorer - how, the program shows in an info column. You can also set the number of overwrites in this CleanMyPC tab.


Compared to CCleaner from Piriform

One or the other will probably be of the opinion that you can save the money and simply use the CCleaner app for Windows. That is also true, but only on a few points. Because this free app from Piriform also offers a "cleaner" function, registry management and some extras; however, it also lacks some of the functions that the program presented here has. If you want to exhaust all possibilities, you can simply get the CCleaner Free version and the paid version of CleanMyPC - with that you are fully equipped to manage, clean, keep up to date and analyze the hard disk.

Update 31.07.2020/XNUMX/XNUMX: Not only has a Warning against CCleaner pronounced, but Microsoft itself currently advises against using it under Windows.

Conclusion on MacPaw CleanMyPC

The CleanMyPC app for Microsoft Windows is quite useful and helps to free the hard drive of data garbage, to remove programs comprehensively and to keep an eye on the system in other respects. Anyone who wants to make a PC that has been used for a long time fit again or to keep a new Windows computer clean from the outset should invest in software. You have my recommendation;)


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