Feuerwear iPhone 7 Plus case "Mitch" in the test: Fire hose meets iPhone!

The iPhone is held securely inside by the Velcro fastener on the strap.

A few weeks ago a somewhat unusual iPhone case came on my table: The "Mitch" from Feuerwear. Why is it so special? Because it is made from discarded fire hose! However, this is nothing special at Feuerwear, because the team behind the brand has set itself the task of giving the veteran fire hoses a new life. And so you will not only find mobile phone cases at Feuerwear but also cases for tablets, notebook bags, backpacks, key rings, purses and even belts made from this material. But this is not supposed to be about the Feuerwear company (to which I would like to donate a separate contribution) but rather the company's iPhone case, which I was kindly allowed to test.

Feuerwear logo on the iPhone cover Mitch (Photos: Sir Apfelot).

Feuerwear logo on the iPhone cover Mitch. Here you can clearly see the structure of the fire hoses from which the protective covers are made (photos: Sir Apfelot).

"Mitch" protective cover: an eye-catcher with a soft interior

The model that I chose was named "Mitch" by Feuerwear. As you can see in the photos, Mitch is made very robust: a fire hose is extremely hard-wearing and the seams and seams that Feuerwear has added are also not bad. When you have the protective cover in your hand, you will notice what I mean: You immediately get the feeling that it is practically indestructible. ;-)

"Mitch" from Feuerwear has a soft microfibre fabric inside.

"Mitch" from Feuerwear has a soft microfiber fabric on the inside that protects the display and the back of the iPhone well.

While it makes a rough impression on the outside, it is perfect for putting your iPhone to sleep on the inside: The entire interior is lined with microfibre and protects the iPhone from scratches and falls.

In terms of functionality, this is referred to as a "slide case with return function". This means that the iPhone slides into the case and can then be brought back (i.e. out) with a small strap - which is also the clasp at the same time. In practice, however, the iPhone does not slide in, but you have to push it in because the case fits very well.

Feuerwear Slide Cover: Tight fit and good workmanship

At first, the Feuerwear cover is still relatively stiff, but this changes after some use. For this reason, the first times I put the iPhone 7 Plus into the case, I also had to use a lot of force to make the iPhone completely disappear into the case. If you have used it for a few days and pushed the iPhone in and out more often, the whole thing becomes a little easier and is easier to handle.

The fact that the iPhone can only be pushed into the phone case with a little effort may be annoying, but it also has a big advantage: Even if you haven't closed the Velcro fastener of the iPhone case, the smartphone won't fall out of the case. I can turn the phone case upside down and shake it - but my iPhone 7 Plus is tight and won't slide out.

In practice, the climbing fastener is used as a safety device over the iPhone (see right photo above), so that accidental slipping is avoided. At the same time, the safety strap is used to pull the iPhone a bit out of the case with a slight pull so that you can grab it with your fingers and pull it out completely.

Conclusion on the Mitch iPhone slide case from Feuerwear

When I first saw the case, I thought it was actually a must-buy for firefighters. The look alone is impressive. But the functionality also leaves nothing to be desired. The protective function is also given in the event of a fall and the soft interior protects the display and back of the iPhone from damage. The sewn-in belt loop on the back of "Mitch" can also be used to attach the slide case to the trousers. In terms of size, the case fits in my trouser pocket (back) without any problems, so that you can still carry it with you in this way.

If you are looking for a good slide case with a return function for your iPhone 7 Plus, you are well advised with the Feuerwear Mitch case. For just under 40 euros you can get a unique specimen made from a used fire hose. On the Feuerwear product page you can also find the right sizes for other smartphone models (such as Google Pixel and other iPhone sizes) for which the case is available.

Well packaged: The iPhone 7 Plus in the "Mitch" slide case from Feuerwear.

Well packaged: The iPhone 7 Plus in the "Mitch" slide case from Feuerwear.

By the way: At first I thought it was a matter of luck whether you get a cover with or without a print, since every Feuerwear protective cover is unique. In fact, at Feuerwear, they make a lot of effort not to leave anything to chance, because they send you exactly the case that you ordered in the shop. Each protective cover is photographed individually and placed in the shop ... so 100% WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). A really impressive amount of effort to make the customer 100% happy!


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  1. Werner says:

    Hi. I have the case too, only if you open and close the Velcro a few hundred times is it broken. So, my recommendation would be a magnetic clasp.

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