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The sports headphones Meizu EP52 Lite I already have you shortly after their release with this post briefly introduced. I rated the IPX5 waterproof Bluetooth 4.2 headphones with in-ear construction and up to 8 hours of battery life as a good model that should convince with its construction and materials. After an extensive test with longer usage phases, I can now give a practical judgment that has more substance than the assessment of the technical data and mere pictures of the product. In the following you will find my experiences from the Meizu EP52 Lite test as well as my conclusion on the headphones from the smartphone and accessory manufacturer from China.

Here you can find my experiences from the Meizu EP52 Lite test. Inside: technical data of the Bluetooth headphones as well as details on fit, wearing comfort and audio quality.
Here you can find my experiences from the Meizu EP52 Lite test. Inside: technical data of the Bluetooth headphones as well as details on fit, wearing comfort and audio quality.

Meizu EP52 Lite review

Meizu EP52 Lite specifications

  • Manufacturer / Brand: Meizu
  • Model: EP52 Lite
  • Type: In-ear Bluetooth 4.2 headphones
  • Weight: 16 g
  • Bluetooth protocols: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
  • Neck tape: yes
  • Functions: playback of audio (music, audio books, podcasts, etc.), telephony and control of telephone functions from the connected smartphone, volume control
  • Compatibility: Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Apple Mac, Android smartphone and tablet, Windows PC
  • Battery nominal capacity: 100 mAh
  • Battery charging time: 1,5 to 2 hours
  • Battery life: up to 8 hours with music, up to 6 hours with telephony
  • Standby time: up to 200 hours 
  • Driver: 10 mm
  • Resistance: 32 Ohm
  • Frequency: 20 to 20.000 Hz
  • Scope of delivery: headphones with earplugs size M, replacement earplugs in S and L, charging cable, manual

Fit and hold

I think my ears are pretty mediocre, as pretty much all in-ear headphones have pre-installed M-plugs. That was also the case in the Meizu EP52 Lite test. If you have smaller ears and auditory canals, you can use the S-plugs; for large eavesdroppers there is the L version. As soon as I plugged in the in-ear headphones, I personally found the material pleasant. 

There was also no uncomfortable pressure or resting places on the housing that could have rubbed the auricle uncomfortably in the long run. So I can describe the fit as ideal. This also applies to the hold - the Bluetooth 4.2 headphones did not slip or fall out while walking, running, running or cycling.

Good construction for a comfortable fit

The neckband is not round and thin, but flat - that's why it rests on the neck or on the clothing worn accordingly. Slipping is also prevented by the two capsules, in which the battery on the one hand and the operating units and the charging socket (Micro-USB) sit. 

Both are balanced and ensure a good grip without the cable being pulled down on one side, so that there is tension on the ear on the other side. That annoys me sometimes about other neckband headphones that only have one capsule for the battery and control units. If you take out the earplugs, you can connect them to the Meizu EP52 Lite headphones with magnets so that they are not lost when hanging around your neck.

Sound quality - music good, telephony satisfactory

When listening to music, podcasts and other content streamed via Bluetooth from my smartphone, Mac or other source, I found the audio quality to be good to very good. The highs don't squeal, the lows deliver clean, medium-strong bass, and the mids are balanced. With a changing type of music, tempo and genre, I could not perceive any major fluctuations in quality. Adjustments can usually be made at the source with an equalizer.

When making calls, i.e. using the Meizu EP52 Lite as a headset, I found the sound quality to be not particularly good. You can understand the person at the other end, but everything sounds a bit flat and not "crystal clear". Your own voice, which is brought through the microphone of the Meizu EP52 Lite headphones and via Bluetooth to the mobile phone, is clear and understandable. My conversation partners certified that I had sufficient voice quality for the EP52 Lite headphones.

Meizu EP52 Lite review - notes and comments

For me, the Meizu EP52 Lite test shows that the cheap in-ear headphones from the Chinese technology manufacturer are successful Bluetooth 4.2 headsets. I can recommend the earphones for music while doing sports, shopping, walking or working on a Mac, iMac or MacBook. 

In my opinion, the sound quality is sufficient for phone calls with a cell phone in which the voices are transmitted by radio, but it does not scratch the pro level. All in all, I would like to make a recommendation for the Meizu EP52 Lite, as I was positively surprised - especially at a price of around 20 euros.

Buy the Meizu EP52 Lite headphones

At Amazon there is the Meizu EP52 in the (quite noble) Standard version for 69,90 eurosHowever, you won't find the Lite Edition at a low price. That's why it's worth taking a look over to GearBest. There is the Meizu EP52 Lite for currently 21,72 euros (As of October 23, 2018). Since the launch in September there have been special offers and discounts, thanks to which you get a price of less than 20 euros every now and then if you want to buy the Meizu EP52 Lite headphones. I think that you can be satisfied with the model for a price of 21,72 euros;)

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