In the test: The StilGut Premium Cover leather case for the iPhone 6 / 6s made of real nappa leather

In the test: The iPhone case made of leather - Stilgut also includes instructions for putting on and taking off.

The selection of materials for iPhone cases is quite extensive ... from silicone to PU and PVC to leather, everything is available. Personally, I still find mobile phone cases made of real leather a particularly elegant "packaging" for the Apple smartphone. For this reason, a chic iPhone case made of nappa leather ended up in my test report this time. Thanks to the Berlin accessory manufacturer "StilGut"for this kind donation. :)

The Stilgut leather cover - freshly taken over by the postman! Photos: Sir Apfelot.

The iPhone 6 / 6s leather sleeve from StilGut - freshly taken over by the postman! Photos: Sir Apfelot.

On the company's homepage you can find the iPhone 6 cases also a separate department for Armored glass filmthat I can also recommend. With my Sony system camera, a film like this saved my display when I stupidly carried the camera with angular objects in my backpack. During the transport, something ultimately pressed a corner on the camera display. The armored glass film was cracked, but the display underneath was still intact. Since then, these slides have been an insider tip of mine. But now to the actual test object: The StilGut cover - correct product name "StilGut Premium Cover Black Nappa". ;-)

In the test: The iPhone case made of leather - Stilgut also includes instructions for putting on and taking off.

In the test: The iPhone Premium Cover made of leather - StilGut also includes instructions for putting on and taking off. Although it's actually quite simple ...

iPhone in leather: soft, elegant and shockproof

When I unpacked the case, I was surprised at first how light it is. The nappa leather is pressed into shape and "clips" perfectly around the iPhone 6 / 6s - a larger case for the iPhone 6 Plus StilGut also has it in its range. So that the back of the smartphone is not scratched, the case has a microfiber lining that protects the iPhone.

Recesses can be found on the StilGut cover for the camera, the mute switch and the lower area where the charging socket, the headphone socket (yes, it was still there back then!) And the speaker of the iPhone are housed. The control buttons are covered, but the leather is punched in at these points so that the buttons can be operated "through" the leather without any problems. That works perfectly and every print is also registered by the iPhone.

Good protection: the edge of the case protrudes slightly from the display

When it comes to cell phone cases, it is also very important to me that the surrounding edge of the case protrudes a little more so that the display glass of the iPhone does not lie directly on the table when the cell phone is placed on the display. Thanks to the minimal distance created by the StilGut case, no grains of dust can scratch the display when you move the phone. This may only be a minor matter in the production of the case, but from my point of view it is a very important aspect for the protection of the display.

Workmanship and optics: classy and unobtrusive

As already described above, the cover is made of real nappa leather. If you think of a pliable, limp case when it comes to leather, you will learn a lesson here: The StilGut mobile phone case is dimensionally stable and has a bit more of plastic in terms of strength, but the material is leather, which is very pleasant to the touch. It is soft and feels good in the hand.

The workmanship of the cover is very high quality and the recesses have been made clean and without sharp edges. As already mentioned, the inside of the case has a microfiber fleece that protects the iPhone from scratches and other damage. This is also well glued so that the edges would not come off after a few weeks (as already experienced with other covers!).

My conclusion on the iPhone leather sleeve from StilGut

With the StilGut Premium Cover you have definitely bought a noble protective cover for your iPhone 6 / 6s. The workmanship is very good and even several weeks of trial wear in my pocket did not damage the cover. The material "nappa leather" is certainly not of interest to vegans, but if you have no problem with it, you will appreciate the good feel of real leather. In the case of leather, there is also the fact that even after years of use it looks "scuffed" but is still an eye-catcher, while plastic or silicone covers usually look ugly.

From my point of view, the StilGut Premium Cover is an all-round recommendation. There is nothing to criticize about it ... and I would have done it for sure if I had noticed! ;-)

If you want to get the leather cover from StilGut, you can find it here on Amazon:

StilGut Premium Cover for iPhone 6 / 6s
The StilGut iPhone case is made of real nappa leather and is available in aqua blue, gray and red in addition to the black color I chose. In addition to the model for the iPhone 6 / 6s, you can also find the leather case for the iPhone 6 Plus on Amazon.









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