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Sir Apfelot on HTC HD 2
Sir Apfelot on HTC HD 2

This is what sir-apfelot.de looks like on the HTC HD 2 smartphone.

Today a customer asked me if I could briefly test his website on mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad or other tablets. Of course, I could have just used my devices to access it, but I thought to myself, I'll look for a solution that I can tell him so that he can check for himself how a website looks on mobile devices and whether it is displayed correctly.

After a short internet search at [Aunt G-> google] I also found what I was looking for and found some possibilities:

For Mac users: offline solution with the iOS emulator

If you can own a Mac, you don't even have to work with online tools or third-party emulators, because Apple itself also offers an iOS emulator with which you can test your website on all Apple mobile devices. The tool is part of Xcode that can be downloaded for free from the app store. You just open a new project and click on RUN. The whole thing stays free, because you don't have to be a member of the developer program for this functionality.

Not fast, but flexible: the mobile phone emulator

Mobile phone emulator selection Mobile Phone Emulator (no longer available! my new recommendation is: http://mobiletest.me) is a nice toy that can also be recommended for Windows people. It runs entirely on the Internet and is also free. In addition to Apple devices such as iPhone 3GS, 4 and 5, it is also compatible with Samsung GT i9100 and GT i5700, RIM BlackBerry 8900, HTC HD 2, HTC Touch Diamond and LG U970. Unfortunately, Apple tablets are not its forte. Just like speed ... ;-)

iPad and iPhone online emulator with rotation option

If you place a lot of value on testing Apple devices and don't have a Mac yourself, you might find it iPad Peek / iPhone Peek the right solution. This tool enables websites to be tested in the emulator, which is completely online and free of charge.




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