Tested: Wacom Intuos Pro graphics tablet for Mac and PC

The Wacom Intuos Pro is a graphics tablet and pen made for digital drawing and digital design tasks. Whether image processing, 2D animation, design or other graphic applications: the tablet can be used in a variety of ways thanks to either a Bluetooth or cable connection. It also offers a usable stylus with the battery-free Pro Pen 2. The tablet comes in three sizes: S, M and L. I've had this for the past few days Wacom Intuos Pro M tested. I borrowed it from a friend to get an impression. And I have to say: it convinced me. Here you come to the product page with Prime Shipping.

The Wacom Intuos Pro M is a good size, has a nice stylus with a pen holder, function keys and a touch ring. It already convinced me in the short test.

The Wacom Intuos Pro M is a good size, has a nice stylus with a pen holder, function keys and a touch ring. It already convinced me in the short test.

How I found the Wacom Intuos Pro M.

Since I want to familiarize myself with the subjects of digital drawing and 2D animation as a hobby, I was looking for a graphics tablet. An Apple iPad or iPad Pro was ruled out for me because I not only wanted a rough drawing surface, but also a device that tends to have a lifespan of 10 years or more. Function keys on the side of the device were also important to me. Another advantage of the Wacom Intuos Pro, which I have now tested, is that the pen does not require a battery. "It works like magic" as Steve Jobs would say: D

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105,91 EUR
Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablet size M, graphics tablet (incl. Pro Pen 2 input pen with ...
  • The graphic tablet with touch function from Wacom is thanks to its extraordinary functionality and uncomplicated ...
  • Thanks to its 2-level pressure sensitivity, extreme accuracy and tilt detection, the Wacom Pro Pen 8192 offers ...
  • The 8 individually programmable ExpressKeys, the touch ring and the multi-touch surface allow with many ...

But now an investment of over 300 euros for a new hobby should be carefully considered. That's why I was happy that a friend of mine has exactly the graphics tablet that I had chosen as theoretically the best for me after long comparisons. So we asked without further ado and borrowed the input device for creative work. I've been using it for a few days now, every now and then in the evening for an hour or two. I noticed a few things that I didn't want to withhold from you. Maybe you're looking for a good graphics and drawing tablet - maybe even for that Valentine's Day? 

Tested: Wacom Intuos Pro M on the PC

The creative input device also works on the Apple Mac under macOS, but since I “only” have a MacBook Pro from 2012, I didn't want to overuse it. That's why I installed the necessary Wacom drivers on my gaming PC with Windows 10 and connected the tablet to it via USB. First, I deactivated the touch input so that I wouldn't trigger any actions by laying on my hand while drawing. Then I assigned a few actions to the eight buttons and the menu wheel that are useful when drawing: change brush size, change layer, step back, and so on.

Why I prefer to use a graphics tablet instead of an Apple iPad (Pro): rough surface, function keys, long durability, pen without battery.

Why I prefer to use a graphics tablet instead of an Apple iPad (Pro): rough surface, function keys, long durability, pen without battery.

Since I'm still a complete beginner - at least in the digital field - I don't want to share my sketches yet. But what I noticed while making the same: it is worth practicing a quick pen guide right from the start. Depending on the individual fine motor skills, the lines that have just been planned can become wobbly when slowly dragging the pen over the surface of the tablet. This is not a fault of the device, but is in the nature of things. In addition, it is good to familiarize yourself with the limitations of the drawing area at the beginning in order to learn the relationship between tablet and monitor and thus hand-eye coordination.

Important lesson: Only ever compare yourself with your own achievements of yesterday, never with the achievements of others today!

The purchase decision was consolidated

After comparing different manufacturers and models, the Wacom Intuos Pro was my favorite anyway. Because of the price, I didn't want to make an arbitrary purchase. After the fortunate circumstance that I was able to test the device for free, my decision to buy has been solidified; also and especially for size M (see below). I think the drawing area is sufficient and, in addition to the pen, I like the individually assignable side buttons and the menu wheel (officially called the "Touch Ring"). As soon as my hobby fund allows the purchase, I'll probably get my own ...

In the pen holder there are refills that can be changed.

In the pen holder there are refills that can be changed.

Wacom Intuos Pro - Sizes S, M and L

The Wacom Intuos Pro is a graphics tablet with USB and Bluetooth connectivity and a battery-free pen with 8.192 pressure levels. Compatible with all graphics, illustration and design programs as well as with 3D and 2D animation apps (including OpenToonz), the smart device equipped with touch surfaces can be used extensively. Depending on the area of ​​application, there are three sizes and versions with a clip, thanks to which a drawing on paper can be held over the drawing surface (Wacom Intuos Pro Paper). Below you will find a comparison of the three basic models in sizes S, M and L.

Intuos Pro S Intuos Pro M Intuos Pro L
Size: 17 x 27 x 0.8 cm 39,4 x 29,2 x 0,8 cm 48,6 x 36,1 x 0,8 cm
Weight 450 g 700 g 1,3 kg
grope 6 8 8
Touch ring ja ja ja
Price 198,99 Euros 325,99 Euros 460,61 Euros

Notes: On Amazon, the thickness of the device in sizes M and L is 4,1 cm - but that is only the diameter of the pen holder, which also contains the replacement leads. The tablet isn't really that tall. The width is also to be understood including the connected USB cable.

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  1. Uwe says:


    I still use an Intuos 4M from 2009. In addition to the two blocks of 4 for the function keys, there are also small LCD displays. They can be programmed via the driver, so you can change the automatically assigned texts. Since I have configured the function keys individually for several applications, this is very helpful. If I start the application, such as Lightroom, the key assignment is permanently displayed in clear text.

    With the new ones, like the one you tested, it doesn't seem to exist anymore. Personally, I cannot remember the different assignment of the buttons for currently 8 apps.

    Apart from the fact that my tablet still works without any problems (unless the current driver no longer supports the device), these missing LCD displays next to the buttons would prevent me from buying a new one.

    How is that solved with the device you tested? Is there a support display? Can this be shown permanently (possibly on the screen)?


    • Johannes Domke says:

      Hello Uwe,

      thanks for the hint and the question. Above all, the hint that you can still use a device from 2009 helps me. This speaks in favor of graphics tablets compared to tablet computers for use in digital drawing.

      With the Wacom Intuos Pro you can touch the buttons (i.e. use the touch function, not press it) to see their assignment on the display / monitor. This also gives you an overview in different apps. So if you are not sure, you put your finger on the key in question and see if you are correctly positioned. If so, press the button. If this is not the case, press another key for which the required function is displayed.

      If you press the middle button of the Touch Ring, an overview is also displayed - and it is shown which function of the ring is selected (change brush thickness, select layer, rotate image, etc.). By pressing again, the required ring function can be selected in order to then use the ring by means of touch input.

      So it's not that difficult to keep track of things even with this model;)

      Best regards

  2. Uwe says:

    Thank you, Johannes ???? ????

  3. Charleen Stoeber says:

    I also considered Wacom Tablet, but the high price made me hesitate, it's above my salary range, even if Wacom has really good products, I could only afford a normal tablet from them, without a screen. So now I've thought about it again and made the decision to buy one XP Pen Deco 01 and use it with Photoshop, Lightroom, Krita and Illustrator.

    Since I don't necessarily want to draw or paint either, I thought a smaller model should be enough. In general, a graphics tablet is suitable if you either draw or work a lot with brushes in the field of image editing. Following contours (for cropping or masking for local adjustments) is much more comfortable than with the mouse. Important for the beginning: Mouse away and force yourself to get along with the pen. You need a certain amount of time to get used to it.

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