The ABC of video games: video game history in two volumes

If you want to learn more about the history of video games or are you looking for a Christmas present for gaming fans, then the two volumes of “The ABC of Video Games” are a good choice. The author Gregor Kartsios, who is known, among other things, for gaming and quiz formats on the Internet channel Rocket Beans TV (RBTV for short) and for his own YouTube channel, has structured both books in such a way that they literally convey video game knowledge from A to Z. Below you will get a little insight. You can also find a reading sample and ordering options on the respective Amazon product pages: Band 1 / Band 2.

Image source: Rocket Beans TV
Image source: Rocket Beans TV

The ABC of Video Games, Volume 1 of 2021

The first book in this series was published in 2021. The following games, genres, consoles and other topics are covered from A to Z: Atari, Beat'em oops, Bonus stage, Castlevania, Commodore, Donkey Kong, EA Sports, FVM, Ghost'n goblins, Handhelds (with details on numerous models), id software, Jump & run, Konami code, LUCASARTS ADVENTURES, Metroid, Neo Geo, Nintended, Odyssey, PC Engine, Pac man, PlayStation, Pokémon, Quick time event, Rresident Evil, RPGs, Syeah, Shmup (Shoot'em Ups), Street Fighter II, Tetris, Ultima, Visual novel, Wonder Boy, Xboxes, Ys, Zelda.

The individual entries are well structured, interestingly written and accompanied by numerous pictures. The visual material includes photos of consoles and game packaging as well as individual figures and complete screenshots from the games or genres discussed. The topics listed are presented on a total of 192 pages. In this way you learn a lot about the respective backgrounds, the development, and the reasons why old titles are still remembered. This is not just a good read for the Christmas season. On the product page you can take a look, order the book and download the Kindle version.

The Nerd ABC: The ABC of Video Games: Everything gamers need to know about video game history...
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  • The Nerd ABC: The ABC of Video Games: Everything gamers need to know about video game history - presented by...
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The Nerd ABC: The ABC of Video Games: Everything gamers need to know about video game history...
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The ABC of Video Games, Volume 2 of 2022

The second volume of the series was published in 2022. Here, too, there is the tried-and-tested system of treating the topics included alphabetically. So you can read the second ABC of video games on the following games, genres, people, consoles and other topics: Activision, Breactout clones, Bubble bobble, Cinemaware, Duke Nukem, Equarrel, Factor 5, Gname & Watch, Hidea Kojima, Intellivision, Isymmetrical, Joypad, Kirby, Lara Croft, Lightgun, Mhey man, Mortal kombat, NBA Jam, Oddworld, Probotector, Q*bert, Quintet, Racing games, Ssilent Hill, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater, Treason, Unreal Engine, Vvirtual reality, Wrestling, X68000, Yu Suzuki, Zilog Z80.

Here too, the tried and tested concept with a mixture of informative and entertaining texts, appropriate images and fun facts was used to discuss the individual points in an entertaining way. In both volumes you will find all sorts of interesting things, from evergreens and all-time classics to titles that tend to gather dust in memories and attics, to ongoing series and modern technologies. The two books are the right Christmas present for fans of video games and the author Gregor Kartsios, his RBTV formats “Retro Klub” and “Nerd-Quiz” as well as his YouTube channel. On this product page you will find details and purchase options for the second volume.

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