The Apple microfiber cloth – secret weapon or money-making?

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I'm currently considering whether I should perhaps buy the Apple Studio Display because my ancient LG is getting old and the pixel density and sharpness are not comparable to a modern monitor. In the process, I'm about the cleaning recommendations and that Apple polishing cloth stumbled across it, which Apple recommends for its own monitor.

5,02 EUR
Apple polishing cloth
  • Made from a soft, non-abrasive material, the polishing cloth cleans any Apple display, including nano-textured glass,...
  • Safe for use with all Apple displays, including nano-textured glass.

Do not use other microfiber cloths!

It may be obvious that manufacturers advise against wiping the devices with a standard cleaning cloth and all-purpose cleaner, but Apple goes one step further here: In the instructions for cleaning the Apple Studio Display (here at Apple) is strongly discouraged from using any microfiber cloth other than Apple's.

Apple is very clear on its support page about cleaning the Apple Studio Display: you don't want non-Apple cleaning wipes (source: Apple).
Apple is very clear on its support page about cleaning the Apple Studio Display: you don't want non-Apple cleaning wipes (source: Apple).

That wouldn't be a problem if you could get the Apple polishing cloth for 5 euros. Instead, you have to shell out 25 euros for this piece of fabric, which then raises the question of whether Apple is a little too greedy here.

On the other hand: If I buy the Studio Display for 1800 euros, I might not want to take any risks and would rather add 25 euros to it so that I can be sure that I won't damage the display surface.

Apple certainly knows that too, which is why they can still call up this utopian price. It was not for nothing that the Apple microfiber cloth was sold out immediately after its release.

In reality, the Apple cloth looks much grayer than on the product image (Photo: Apple).
In reality, the Apple cloth looks much grayer than on the product image (Photo: Apple).

Customer reviews between sarcasm and enthusiasm

Since I like to hear other people's opinions on products before I buy something, I read the reviews from Amazon customers. As expected, there was a mixture of malice and praise. Here is an excerpt from a review:

Finally you have heard my deepest wishes & for these few euros it really is the best thing I have ever seen. But that was clear, it is from Apple and therefore innovative! A Great Cloth with Magic - It polishes my MacBook into a new MacBook with just a single swipe whenever a new one is introduced. My iPhone was also magically replaced in September when I was cleaning the phone.

But apart from these kinds of reviews, the rest is pretty positive. Here's an excerpt from another review that appears to be from someone who's actually tried the cloth seriously:

I have always cleaned my iMac (glass pane) with some kind of fine-pored microfibre cloth and relevant cleaning agent (glass cleaner and something for smooth surfaces). That's always been enough for me. Now the good piece was discarded and should be passed on. I'm one of those people who then clean up something like that, and when I saw the backlight I felt horrified. The glass surface was downright smudged, which I didn't notice in my daily work with the monitor image switched on.
But the most remarkable thing is that all the cleaning attempts with my ancestral remedies have only made matters worse. And that's where the Apple polishing cloth comes in. The dirt could be polished off without leaving any residue, dry and without liquid additives. Quickly and without wasting a lot of time.

But I've also read that a normal microfiber cloth works just as well. So you really have all sorts of statements and you have to make something out of them.

Video: Apple microfiber cloth in practice

I was really happy when I found the following video, in which a practical test with fingerprints, an iPad and various cleaning cloths and of course the Apple polishing cloth was made.

If you want, feel free to watch the video. Everyone else can find the solution here:

  • The Apple cloth is better than the microfiber cloth that came with a paperlike sheet and is probably equivalent to any other cheap microfiber cloth.
  • The cheap cloths and also the polishing cloths from Sonax tended to smear the fingerprints and not absorb them.
  • The Apple polishing cloth removed fingerprints well and didn't smudge.
  • A Jemako polishing cloth that is half the price works just as well as the Apple microfiber cloth, because “JEMAKO cloth – Speed ​​Polish" called.
  • By the way, the Jemako towels linked in the video are the wrong ones, that's why here is the correct link.
  • A Zewa with glass cleaner also cleaned the display well, but due to the risk of scratching I would never use this solution on my MacBook, iPad or an Apple Studio display.

Alternative “BlueSwan” not recommended

On Amazon, if you search for “Apple Microfiber Cloth” you’ll find one pretty high up Cleaning cloth from BlueSwan, which according to the manufacturer should be compatible with “Apple Display”. The booth copied 95% of Apple's packaging and then apparently put in an extremely cheap and bad cleaning cloth.

Customer reviews for the BlueSwan cloth, which is half the price of the Apple polishing cloth, are really negative. A customer wrote: "Best advert for the Apple polishing cloth" and gave it a star. Another wrote “Flop: Cleans and dirty the display with dust/lint at the same time".

This is the photo of customer Norman Bubolz cleaning his mobile phone display with the BlueSwan cloth.
This is the photo of customer Norman Bubolz cleaning his mobile phone display with the BlueSwan cloth. “Lint free” is different…

Apparently, these cloths are real lint atomizers, since the displays no longer show fingerprints after cleaning, but are full of small lint and dust particles.

So: Please do not take the BlueSwan towels under any circumstances!

My conclusion

If I really should buy the Apple Studio Display, I will probably add the Apple microfiber cloth because I'm lazy and can order it directly with the Studio Display.

If you also want to buy the Apple polishing cloth, but have nothing else to order from Apple, you can find it about 5 euros cheaper on Amazon (for about 20 euros instead of 25 euros RRP): Apple polishing cloth on Amazon.

And if you want it even cheaper but still very good, get it Jemako polishing cloth.

5,02 EUR
Apple polishing cloth
  • Made from a soft, non-abrasive material, the polishing cloth cleans any Apple display, including nano-textured glass,...
  • Safe for use with all Apple displays, including nano-textured glass.

But now I'm wondering how I was able to write so many words over a simple cloth. Congratulations to everyone who has made it this far. :)

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13 Responses to “The Apple Microfiber Cloth – Secret Weapon or Money Making?”

  1. For years I have been using microfiber cloths from the drugstore, wiping (quite) damply and without any cleaner all my previous iPads and iPhones and then wiping them with a dry cloth. No matter how dirty it was: everything gets streak-free (as long as the cloth is clean too; if streaks appear after wiping dry, put the cloth in the washing machine) and no scratches or other changes on the displays.
    My microfiber towels last forever, I've washed them countless times.
    Tip: The firmer take for about 2 euros. The softer, rather sloppy ones tend to smear.
    Conclusion: Based on these experiences, a 25-euro towel (and one that “only” costs half as much) is, in my opinion, pure money-mongering.

    1. Hello Eva! Yes I guess you are right. However, I would probably still use the Apple cloth for the monitor. As Wolli wrote, you can at least show off when reselling that you only cleaned the display with it. And because of the glass cleaner: I would actually avoid that. Apple recommends 70% isopropyl alcohol as a cleaning agent here if you can't get it all off with a dry cloth. With regard to the anti-reflective coating, this certainly makes sense.

    2. Do you mean the wipes for 2 euros each, or per pack? I think the ones from *my* drugstores here are all worthless for the money. Above all, the lack of information about the fabric weight per square meter makes me rather cautious. That's why I bought a bulk pack of a rather unusual brand from amaz_us years ago, which so far only got thinner but didn't break.

      As far as these rags from “JE****” are concerned, this is also just overpriced stuff for brand victims – got a folding floor wiper as a gift from this manufacturer, and the telescopic replacement handle that is now necessary (clamping no longer holds) costs more than other complete ones Comparable quality wipers. Not to mention the handle, where there are plenty of compatible choices.

  2. Should you laugh or cry, I don't really know. Ultimately, I would simply take the Apple cloth with me in this over-the-top price range in order to be able to state “Apple cloth well maintained” (pun intended) when reselling it later. Another PAL (other people's problem) that I, as an FHD screen user, *don't* have to deal with.

    The Apple screens are probably about a super secret coating, like glasses for anti-reflective / anti-fog. Which wears out with just a few months, despite the expensive cloth, just like the Idings.
    If you want to get rid of grease, snot stains and dust permanently with drying towels, you shouldn't complain about micro-scratches and a greasy film. Because even the best microfiber cloth has to be washed and dusted off at some point (note temperature and detergent).

    As far as glass cleaners (or damp glasses cleaning cloths) are concerned, they and dishwashing liquids have not been good for a long time in the name of eco-green dyeing. Old chemistry knowledge from high school helps to spice up the useless mess. For reasons of liability (some are simply too stupid when handling chemicals), the additives are not mentioned.

    1. Hello Wolli! What is an FHD screen user? I mean, I could have translated FDH, but FHD? … ah, now that I'm writing it, I remember! Full HD. 😂 Sometimes you really have a board in front of your skull. But to your comments. Of course, I completely forgot to mention how to wash the Apple cloth. Of course, there are also instructions for this... I'll add that in a moment.
      But I also think your idea with “Apple cloth cared for” is great. 😊 This is an argument when selling!
      Have a beautiful Sunday!

  3. I bought the Apple microfiber cloth from Amazon a while ago. At that time it cost just under 11 euros for a short time. I couldn't say no to that. However, I have to say that while it's good, a good lens cleaning cloth performs equally well. The problem is rather finding a good glasses cleaning cloth in a suitable size. :-)

    1. Yes, that's right. And you don't necessarily want to use your display as a test object for glasses cleaning cloths. 😂

    2. lol yes
      Like the stamp-sized parts for cleaning before display foils are applied, they are getting smaller and drier, tear almost immediately and you immediately have fresh imprints from the pressed finger.

  4. Hi Jens,
    Given the price of my iPhone 15 Pro Max + case + screen protector + camera protection, I didn't care about the price of the Apple microfiber cloth. In any case, my iPhone and my ancient iPad (2019) are cleaned effortlessly and very well. I'm definitely very satisfied.
    The price is steep, but it fits my Apple devices so nicely😁

    Greetings to you and Lynne

    1. Hello Horst! I have now also got the cloth for the Apple Studio Display. But it's not unpacked yet. I'm still thinking about making a video about it. 😂 But my monitor definitely needed cleaning with it. LG back to you from us!

  5. Hi Jens,
    Do you know of a way how I can use my iPhone 15 Pro and my Samsung SSD together in a case or something similar to shoot videos (if possible without a long USB C cable). Can't find anything suitable. Maybe a reader also knows a practical solution. If so, please post here.

    Wish Lynne, you and all readers a happy St. Nicholas Day!

    1. Hello Horst! So from SMallRig has a kind of cage, into which you can install your iPhone 15 Pro Max. This means you not only have the handles, but also 1,4 inch screw-on options and hot shoe locations. And in this you can SSD holder from SmallRig plug in. This would then bring everything together in one structure without any wild cabling. Unfortunately it's not that cheap, but it's probably a pretty good solution.

      1. Hi Jens,
        Thanks for the tip. It's expensive, but it could be the solution. I'll have to take a closer look.
        Greeting Horst

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