The Apple Watch manual by Michael Krimmer - more than just an introduction

Apple Watch manual by Michael Krimmer
Apple Watch manual by Michael Krimmer

Michael Krimmer's Apple Watch manual also offers purchase advice and is also useful reading before purchasing (Photo: Amazon).

Both as an aid to making a purchase decision and to improve the workflow with the Apple Smartwatch the Apple Watch manual by Michael Krimmer the ideal companion. Here the journalist and author, who was born in Munich in 1974, has once again proven what he made clear with his first book in 2007: he knows his way around; he knows how to use Apple devices effectively; and he can convey his knowledge perfectly.

Is the book still up to date despite WatchOS 2?

Recently it is the new operating system "Watch OS 2" for the Apple Watch outside and with it, of course, came some changes. However, Michael Krimmer's book is still relevant. Because nothing has changed in the hardware, which has also not changed the general operation. In this respect alone, the Apple Watch manual can still be recommended as a helpful guide for users.

Before the Apple Watch: purchase decision is simplified

Where can I get the Apple Watch? Is there a way to try it on? Which bracelets can I choose, what materials are they made of and what is so special about the sports bracelet? And what good is the Apple Watch for me in the end? At the beginning of his book, Krimmer addresses these and other questions. Everyone who wants to get an idea of ​​the watch in advance is just as catered for here as for those who want to get started with their new gadget.

Apple Watch OS 2 - watch photos

Despite the innovations with Watch OS 2, the information in the manual is not out of date. The operation of the Apple Watch has not fundamentally changed and the same functions can still be found (Photo: Apple).

Not only the Apple Watch is considered

With the first Watch OS, there were no native apps (from third parties). For those who wanted to use the Apple Watch with all functions, this meant that they had to pair the device with an iPhone. And this connection, its structure, its use - and above all the most effective use of it - is also dealt with in the book.

Cheat sheet in the book cover

In the paperback edition of the book there is a kind of cheat sheet, an overview of the most important functions and operating methods for the Apple Watch. So if something needs to be set quickly, a certain menu called up or a step undone, then the corresponding instructions are not far. The remaining content of the book is then used for more complex tasks. This extends to 272 pages.

Comprehensibility and practical relevance of the content

This publication is by no means a textbook. If you are looking for technical terms, nested sentences and difficult technical contexts, you might want to go to university - this book, on the other hand, is the ideal companion for the interested average consumer who just wants to get to know the Apple Watch and its possibilities.

For this purpose, there are informative texts with example instructions and lots of illustrations. The screens and menus that should be visible in the respective application example are displayed on these. So no reader gets lost and everyone can learn to use their Apple Watch effectively and quickly.

Conclusion: the missing link to the end user is established

You won't find a manual in the product packaging of Apple products. It is true that the devices - also with regard to the software - are always designed in such a way that they can be viewed as intuitive. But if you want to become a professional in using the gadgets, you either have to try it for a long time or you get help. The Apple Watch Manual is this booklet that represents the missing link between Apple and its German-speaking users. The book currently costs in the Kindle edition only 2,09 € (as of 09/2015).

Apple Watch manual by Michael Krimmer
Not only a manual for those who already have an Apple Watch, but also a decision-making aid for those who are undecided who are considering getting a Smartwatch from Apple.


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