The best use cases for Apple's AirTags

With the Apple AirTags the iPhone manufacturer from Cupertino has brought a couple of extensively applicable trackers with Bluetooth, NFC and ultra broadband onto the market. One or the other might wonder what purpose these small tracking chips are supposed to have. We did a little research and found a couple of practical applications for Apple's AirTags. Of course, the car keys and the bike are included, but also a few other options that can help you in everyday life, on vacation and at home. Do you have another example from your AirTag usage? Then please leave a comment :)

The car key is already a classic among the use cases for Apple AirTags. You can find more here - from work equipment to bicycles to luggage when traveling. Where do you use an AirTag for tracking?
The car key is already a classic among the use cases for Apple AirTags. You can find more here - from work equipment to bicycles to luggage when traveling. Where do you use an AirTag for tracking?

Preliminary consideration: The AirTag should not be a stylish accessory

There are various brackets, straps and clips for the Apple AirTags from both Apple and third-party suppliers. Thanks to them, you can attach them to your backpack, your keychain and anywhere else. But especially if you want to find the items equipped with the AirTags in the event of theft, they should not be so easy to see. Because by now everyone should know what the little white tags are all about. They are quickly removed and then the “Where is?” Network just takes you to the nearest trash can. So it's better to attach something hidden - in a small extra pocket in the backpack, under the bike saddle, etc.

Track baggage and mail with an Apple AirTag

Whether the price of the AirTags and the benefits for use are balanced out here must be clarified on a case-by-case basis. However, the Apple trackers for the “Where is?” Search offer the option of stowing them in your luggage when you are traveling with them and have to separate yourself from them. Whether on the plane, on the long-distance bus or on the train: If you don't have your suitcase in view all the time or if for organizational reasons there is the possibility that the luggage ends up somewhere different from you, an AirTag could help. A YouTuber has already extensively demonstrated the use of tracking mail items - here is the contribution to it. 

Use Apple AirTags on everything that can be lost

What do you carry around with you in everyday life? The wallet, the backpack, the bag, the keychain and maybe one or two other mobile things. If you see the possibility that you might lose some of it, forget it on the bus or train, or have something stolen, then maybe it is time for an Apple AirTag. With this you can use “Where is?” On the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Co. to determine the respective whereabouts of the things. This can also help with mobile work. Whether filming, scientific field research, construction work or other areas - the material and the boxes or bags for transport can be equipped with AirTags.

Track stolen vehicles with Apple AirTags

From bicycles to e-scooters to cars, there are various vehicles that you can own. These are not only attractive for you, but also for those who want to acquire them in a short way. If you have an AirTag attached to or in the vehicle, it is easier to find it again. However, the trackers can be easily discovered on bicycles, mopeds, scooters or the like. One possibility could therefore be to obviously attach an AirTag (or a dummy AirTag) to the bicycle so that the stealing person feels safe after removing it. The actual tracking button should be used well hidden (under the seat, in the handlebars, in the cat's eye, etc.).

Should you equip pets with a tracker?

Cats that are used to a certain household keep coming back to it. Dogs are usually kept in such a way that you can walk with them. But maybe you live in the country, in a forest or elsewhere, where the vastness of the landscape invites the animals to wander. So if you have the opportunity to break out in order to be away longer, then an AirTag might be worthwhile. What do you think about that? Have you added a tracker to your pet's collar or harness? Has that already helped you to find it? Feel free to leave a comment on it.

Further use cases for the AirTags from the Internet

If you search the Internet for useful use cases for Apple's AirTag trackers, you will find a number of ways to use them. In the end, whether and how useful these are depends on the use of the equipped items and the individual attitude towards them. Here are a few more, sometimes less useful examples:

  • Use on a drinking bottle if it was expensive and should not be lost
  • Attach to the tablet box or other medical equipment
  • Attachment to boat equipment to locate objects that have gone overboard

Buy Apple AirTags from Amazon with Prime Shipping

At Amazon you get the Apple AirTags 4-pack cheaper than at Apple as well as a Prime member with free shipping and fast Prime delivery. At Apple, the AirTag 4-pack costs 119 euros, but fast delivery is currently also guaranteed. 

40,00 EUR
Apple AirTag 4-Pack - Find and keep track of your things: keys, wallets, luggage,...
  • Keep an eye on your things and find them, your friends and your other devices in the “Where is?” App
  • Just one tap is enough to pair your AirTag with your iPhone or iPad
  • Play a note with the built-in speaker and find your stuff Or just ask Siri for help

The privacy must always be observed

I purposely did not suggest using the Apple AirTags to track people. Regardless of whether it is the children in the amusement park, the partner on the trip or another apparently useful use of the tracker. If it is okay for the people who are supposed to wear the AirTag, or if you equip each other with it, then it may be okay. Otherwise, at some point, the privacy limit will simply be exceeded. Tracking people without their knowledge is stalking and neither morally nor legally justifiable.

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  1. I also have one on the key and in the car. I use two temporarily whenever I need them, for example in my photo bag.

    An external hard drive for data backup, which I keep outside of the house, will also be provided with an AirTag.

    That with the luggage is a good idea. If Corona allows me, I will try it out next year.

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