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Vibe-Tribe Troll vibration speakers

In the constant search for interesting sound systems for my iPhone, I just came across the term "vibration loudspeaker" or "resonance loudspeaker". Behind them are small sound systems that use the surface on which they stand as a resonance body. In doing so, they manage to create a rich sound that you would not believe their size at first sight. For music listeners who like to experiment, it can be particularly exciting to test which surface produces the best sound.

Vibe-Tribe Troll vibration speakers

The vibration loudspeaker Vibe Tribe Troll 1.0 has great features such as an SD card slot, a radio and a remote control and a lot of noise for little money (Photo: Amazon).

Equipment of the resonance loudspeakers: Bluetooth, radio and SD card reader - everything is possible

There are also a number of different models for the vibration speakers. Depending on the manufacturer, these offer Bluetooth, a built-in radio or even a slot for an SD card so that you can use the speaker without an iPod or smartphone - a really successful idea!

I have put together some of the models here, all of which fall under the heading "Mini Vibration Loudspeakers" and which were particularly well received by customers in the test. Hence my assessment that they are the "best" ... although in some cases this is certainly to be understood very subjectively.

The list of the best vibration speakers

GreatGadgets 1452 resonance speaker VibeMaxx
This model takes an interesting approach, because the sound-producing part is provided with an adhesive surface that is washable and can thus be attached to a wide variety of surfaces. From the empty milk carton to the window pane, you can use everything here to generate sound. However, the price under 15 EUR shows that it is more intended for playful children than for audiophiles.
SETka-kong Limited Edition vibration loudspeaker
This model looks quite stylish and with 26 watts of power it also manages more than 110 db (according to the manufacturer). The music finds its way into the box via USB, micro SD card or 3,5 mm jack - there is no Bluetooth here. Nevertheless, according to the tests of various customers, the device does a lot acoustically with its weight of almost 500 grams. All customer ratings are 5 stars and only one customer deducted a star from the rating due to the lack of Bluetooth. At almost 90 EUR, this speaker system is also at the upper end of the micro vibration speakers.
Ompere Dancer 1 Bluetooth - Black
This resonance loudspeaker also received very good reviews from Ωmpere. It also offers Bluetooth support and the ability to feed the music via 3,5mm jack. Computerbild magazine certified the small sound as good, but criticized the fact that it becomes a bit scratchy and unclean at high volume. In contrast, Amazon customer ratings only have 5-star ratings. The price of this speaker is almost EUR 60.


I hope the list has helped you a little further to find some good devices in the jungle of mini resonance speakers. If you value good sound and don't want to spend too much, you will surely find it with the Vibe-Tribe 1 a good speaker. If it has to be bluetooth, maybe this is it Vibe-Tribe 2 or the Ompere Dancer 1 the right choice. And if you want very good sound, have a loose wallet and can do without BT, you should get it SETka-kong vibration loudspeaker increase with 26 watts. The Speakers from GreatGadgets is sure to be a nice gift for buddies and for yourself if you'd like to play around with it, but don't expect a stunning sound here.

Disclaimer: As always, I researched the prices up-to-date, but with the age of the item I can diverge more and more from my information. Please check the current prices before you order.



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  1. Palo says:

    Thank you very much for the valuable contribution, I am therefore buying a Troll 1.0, probably in pink ...

    • Sir Apfelot says:

      Hi Palo! I think I would choose a different color. :)
      But pink is definitely not boring!
      Then have fun with the troll Umpfta-Umpfta loudspeaker! :)

  2. Franziska says:


    Great list of the models I was most surprised by the Troll 2.0, I don't have it with me, but according to the description, if it's good then I'll definitely buy it. Or the Vibe Maxx loudspeaker which is only intended for play children, let's see who is cheapest.

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