The best WeTransfer alternatives at a glance

WeTransfer has always been the best service to easily share files up to 2 GB over the Internet. But the new email confirmation is annoying and stops the workflow. That's why I went looking to give you (and myself) an overview of the best WeTransfer alternatives. Because you don't always have to use the most popular tool when there are other file sharing services that work just as easily, quickly and without registration - or even better. In the following list you will find alternative options as well as information on the maximum file size, account requirement and price.

Verify the email address first before accepting the free file upload? This takes too long. You can find WeTransfer alternatives for sending large files here!

Verify the email address first before accepting the free file upload? This takes too long. You can find WeTransfer alternatives for sending large files here!

My problem with WeTransfer

The boys and girls at WeTransfer have currently made file sharing a lot more complicated. If you want to share a file with someone, you have to authorize yourself every time with an activation link that WeTransfer sends you by email. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes 20 to 30 minutes for me to get the link, which of course makes normal work impossible. If you don't want to wait that long, you have to create an account. But that's actually unnecessary, especially if the link to authorize your own email address would be sent faster. One can only speculate whether the transmission duration is intended to urge users to register.

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No problem with the app download? WeTransfer as an extension of the menu bar! - 5 GB free upload and download

I have all the information about Droppy for you in this post summarized.

Firefox Send - Individual file sharing with password option

I've already seen Firefox Send from Mozilla presented a year ago. Contrary to the name, you don't necessarily have to use the Firefox web browser to send files with the service. It also works in the Apple Safari browser, for example. There, as well as other access options, you can send files up to 1 GB in size via Firefox Send without an account. You can also set the number of downloads or days after which the file (s) should be deleted. It is also possible to enter a password for even more security. As a registered user, you can send files up to 2,5 GB in size.

  • Website: 
  • Free upload without registration: 1 GB
  • Account requirement: No, but offers up to 2,5 GB of storage space per upload
  • Price: Free

Send Anywhere / Sendy - WeTransfer alternative for fast workflow

The Send Anywhere website is not only structured in a similar way to that of WeTransfer, it also works just as easily. You can use it to upload files up to 1 GB for free and without registration. You then send the recipients either a download code (valid for 10 minutes) or a download link (valid for 2 days). If you want larger file sizes and longer storage times, you need an account or the app or browser extension. This is called Sendy. A free account gives you 10 GB per upload, but still only 48 hours for the download. Only with Send Anywhere PLUS for $ 5,99 / month is there up to 1 TB of storage and individual expiration times. So here is something for everyone ...

  • Website: 
  • Free upload without registration: 1 GB
  • Account obligation: No, but with 10 GB it brings more upload volume
  • Price: Free, unless you want lots of storage and control over download settings

Wikisend - only 100 MB data size, but many settings

Wikisend is a very simply designed service that enables the upload and download of files up to 100 MB in size. For people from the photo, video, graphic, design or developer sectors, that is certainly not much or far too little. But if you only want to send a document, a few PDF files or a few photos, that should be enough. You can also assign an individual file name, set a lifespan of the upload from 1 to 90 days and enter both a description and a password. So if you want to use a rather unknown service as a WeTransfer alternative to send smaller files securely, then Wikisend might be for you.

  • Website:
  • Free upload without registration: 100 MB
  • Account obligation: No, but ensures that you can change settings
  • Price: Free

TeraShare App - The slightly different WeTransfer alternative

TeraShare attracts with its name, which is reminiscent of "terabytes", ie a memory size of 1.024 gigabytes. And that is no accident. Because if the 10 GB free upload and download from the provider's servers are not enough, you can use a user account to ensure unlimited data exchange. The TeraShare app ensures that users can exchange files using the P2P bittorrent protocol. A disadvantage besides the need to download the app on all participating computers: from 10 GB in size, the files are not cached on the provider's servers, so that the computers have to be switched on and connected to the Internet for the exchange.

  • Website: 
  • Free upload: 10 GB with storage on server; unlimited with P2P exchange
  • App compulsory: Yes
  • Price: Free

Unconventional ways: Messenger apps and VoIP apps

If your company, for which you are now toiling in your home office, insists on data exchange via WeTransfer and wants / has to check alternatives first, you can also use unconventional alternatives without further ado. For example, (smaller) files can also be sent via Messenger such as Telegram, Rocket.Chat or WhatsApp. Of course, depending on the provider, it should be noted that data protection may not be available to the extent necessary for sensitive data. It is best to use password-protected archives (ZIP or RAR) and maybe not Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. If you and the recipients use TeamSpeak, Discord or the like, files can also be sent via them.

Which WeTransfer alternative is the best for you? Feel free to leave a comment on the topic;)

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