The five best wireless speakers for less than 100 EUR

Lexfield spherical speakers

Modern stereo wireless speakers are still a piece of technology that can inspire me. Whereas in the past you had to lay meter-long cable strands through the room, today a simple wireless loudspeaker that receives audio data via Bluetooth, for example, is completely sufficient: you connect it to your iPhone or any MP3 player and off you go. But the mobile, wireless radio loudspeakers presented here do not work via Bluetooth or Airplay, but transmit the audio signals via a separate transmitter-receiver system. You can still use it with iPod, iPhone, Macs and other audio sources.

Advantages and disadvantages of the speakers' own radio system

The audio data is usually fed into the transmitter via a jack cable from the iPad, iPhone or another music player. The advantage here is that this radio transmission can sometimes even cover 20-30 meters inside buildings, where a transmission via Bluetooth would have long since been interrupted. Perhaps the disadvantage is that the transmitter stations of the radio boxes are not as wireless as you might think, because a jack cable connects the transmitter with the audio source. If you still don't want to have the freedom of Bluetooth transmission, you can do so via a detour like the Philips multipair receiver enable or maybe look for a Look around the bluetooth box.

Good wireless active speakers have long been considered priceless, but there are now very good models that can be had for less than 500 euros. Contrary to my older list of mobile BT speakers, which mainly lists models for less than 100 EUR, I paid more attention to high-quality workmanship and audio quality rather than the low price. I didn't test the speakers myself, but created them based on various ratings and test reports. The order in which they are listed is not intended to be judgmental, as the speakers are all very different in terms of features, price or area of ​​application.

Lexfield spherical speakers

Lexfield's spherical speakers are about the size of a soccer ball and are addressed via the radio transmitter (Photo: Amazon).

Lexfield wireless loudspeaker - 5 watts, splash-proof

The small spherical radio boxes from Lexfield are flexible in use and can be operated with both batteries and a power supply unit. They are splash-proof, but Lexfield does not directly identify them as outdoor speakers. This set consists of two active speakers with a two-way system (each as big as a football), a small transmitter, the power supply unit and a remote control. The volume can be set separately for the left and right speakers. The sound quality is very high, but the sound should not be turned up too high. The loudspeaker tends to distort, especially at high volumes.

However, if a inexpensive wireless radio speaker you can't go wrong with this model. The transmitter of the device is designed in such a way that 72 additional loudspeakers can be connected. This is helpful when you are Music in several rooms absolutely synchronized want to run. For medical practices, for example, this is an important aspect.

Source: Lexfield spherical radio boxes (approx. 90 EUR at Amazon)


Lexfield Active Speaker Wireless

The wireless active speakers from Lexfield come in a twin pack and spread stereo sound. The radio boxes are controlled by a small transmitter via a radio signal. The transmitter even makes it through concrete ceilings in and out of the basement. (Photo: Amazon).

Lexfield outdoor wireless loudspeaker - also for wall mounting

In principle, like the spherical loudspeakers mentioned above, these stereo wireless speakers are also available with a small transmitter in a set. The remote control is also included in the scope of delivery. What distinguishes these loudspeakers, however, is that they are supplied with a wall bracket and can either be placed in a suitable location, laid down or permanently mounted on a wall. Mounting outdoors on a terrace or balcony is not a problem, as the outdoor radio boxes are splash-proof and portable. They deliver a power of 6 watts and, like the boxes mentioned above, have a range of approx. 30-50 meters in buildings or up to 100 meters with visual contact.

Source: Lexfield outdoor wireless boxes (approx. 95 EUR at Amazon)


Nice addition for weak bass: JBL ES 250 P - active subwoofer

JBL active wireless subwoofer

The active wireless subwoofer from JBL costs almost 300 EUR, but it delivers perfect bass via the wireless signal (Photo: Amazon).

Well, actually this speaker should definitely not be on my list. With a price of almost 300 EUR, it is well above the 100 EUR. But I see it as a very good addition to the other stereo speakers, so I want to list it anyway:

This model is a wireless woofer with an output of up to 700 watts. The sound from this device can also convince at very high volumes. Distortions are not perceptible. If you choose this device, you not only get excellent sound quality, but also a modern-looking device that will certainly fit into any living room. The device is solidly made so that no parts can rattle - which is what you can expect for the price of almost 300 EUR. It is suitable for supporting an existing wireless loudspeaker network with smaller boxes.

The ratings from customers are almost without exception good and the high sound pressure level is often praised. The subwoofer is particularly convincing when it is integrated into a Dolby 5.1 or 7.1 system and thus perks up the home theater. For best results, only give frequencies below 70 Hz to the sub via the active crossover. Before you buy the woofer, you should make sure that you have enough space, because with dimensions of almost 50 cm square and almost 20 kg in weight, it is difficult to "hide". But if you like strong bass, this subwoofer from JBL is the right address.

Source: JBL ES 250 P subwoofer (approx. 285 EUR at Amazon)


auna wireless boxes

The auna radio boxes are without question the inexpensive alternative to expensive brands. You have to make slight compromises, however, because distances that are too large (> 5 m) lead to slight noise, which increases with greater distance (Photo: Amazon).

Auna wireless radio boxes - good & cheap

Just as the woofer from JBL rips out towards the top, so does the speakers from Auna towards the bottom. For around 50 EUR you get a nice box set that is based on UHF transmission and thus creates a theoretical range of 100 meters. In practice, however, the radio boxes acknowledge excessively large distances with increasing noise. However, nothing can be heard up to a distance of 5-6 meters. The Auna Wireless radio loudspeaker is an inexpensive alternative to the big brands. The sound is very good for the low price, which is why it can be accessed here without hesitation. The workmanship is very good - there is nothing to complain about here either. It is also advantageous that 4 loudspeakers can be operated with one transmitter. This means that the set can also be used for several rooms at the same time.

Source: Auna UHF radio boxes (at Amazon approx. 55 EUR)


VEGA 1180 wireless loudspeaker with top ratings

VEGA 1180 radio boxes

The radio boxes 1180 from VEGA convince with good sound and good radio transmission (Photo: Amazon).

The radio boxes from VEGA are also higher up in the price range of the other boxes at just under 100 EUR. The many very good customer ratings show that you can get both very good transmission quality and good sound for little money. It should also be noted that, unlike the JBL 2.4 G, these boxes are actually independent of each other. The JBL system - like some others - only has one active box with receiver and controls the second box via a cable. With that the sense of wireless loudspeakers is a bit fluttering again. And for this reason you won't find such boxes in my list. The VEGA loudspeakers can be operated with the supplied power supply units or with batteries. However, I was unable to determine how the battery life is. Some customers still give the boxes a small minus point because they seem to produce interference noises in standby when they receive GSM cell phone signals and the like.

Source: VEGA 1180 radio boxes (approx. 90 EUR at Amazon)



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